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These Are All the So-Called Rogue Government Twitter Accounts

It’s ugly out there. And with all of the fake news — er, sorry, alternative facts — swirling around, it’s fast becoming more and more difficult to get the truth. Plus, don’t forget that Trump has instituted a gag order on the social media output at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Interior Department (which is in charge of the National Park Service). And these are just the ones we’re aware of.

As Kellyanne Conway proved in a recent memorable conversation with NBC’s Chuck Todd, which went viral, the facts in a Trump world are malleable, apparently. They are no longer based in “an objective reality,” as Merriam-Webster tweeted after this conversation occurred. So, some scientists who work at government institutions have allegedly chosen to retaliate by establishing their own Twitter accounts — and tweeting “what’s really going on.”

But the credibility of these Twitter accounts hasn’t been proven, and many accounts were first “established” by government employees going “rogue,” followed by the “transfer of power” to those who are not actually government employees. (See: NASA, for example.) In other words, this might just be more fake news created this time by liberals. Forbes wrote a really thoughtful pieces about this; same with Vice, here and here.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these accounts are the secret window into the soul of the government that everyone is hoping for. That said, they’re certainly fun to look at. All in all, there are more than 80 rogue Twitter accounts out there; below, find 12 you might want to check out first.

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  1. Rogue POTUS Staff
  2. Alt Department of Education
  3. Alt Environmental Protection Agency
  4. Alt FDA
  5. Alt National Park Service
  6. Rogue NASA
  7. Alt NIH
  8. Alt NOAA
  9. Alt U.S. Forest Service
  10. Alternative Alt U.S. Forest Service

Note: Apparently the two Forest Service social media accounts are run by people who are in completely different departments. “Giving a quick shout-out to the FaceBook group. We don’t know you, but we are all in this together! Good Luck!” the first Forest Service wrote.

  1. Alt USDA
  2. Alt Department of State

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