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5 Weirdly Effective Ways to Clean Your Beauty Blender

It’s weird how makeup sponges consistently fall in this in-between zone of hygiene. Like, how many of you would rub the same damp, balled-up washcloth that sits in the corner of your vanity, never fully drying, over your face every single day for weeks—or months—on end? Uh, probably none of you. But yet you’ll let your Beauty Blender chill in its own spore-filled cesspool for months, caked in makeup and skin oils, and keep smashing it into your skin without ever taking the time to clean it. Sound about right?

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The problem isn’t (always) that people are lazy bacteria-lovers, but that most people don’t actually know how to clean their Beauty Blenders. And sure, the company makes its own soaps and cleansers and magical potions that you can buy for a hefty lump of cash, and yes, these brand-approved products will definitely help prolong the life of your sponge and yadda yadda yadda, but what if you don’t want to spend the money or go through the hassle, just to get your sponge clean? Welp, that’s where we come in.

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We wrangled five of the best Beauty Blender-cleaning tutorials (and even threw in one using a brand-approved cleanser, because hey, rules are cool, too) to help motivate you to finally clean your damn makeup sponge. And if these videos don’t do it, just think of the fact that your Beauty Blender could, right now, be harboring viruses, bacteria, and even a hard, gross lump of poop-like foundation. Yup. Annie, go get your sponge.

Caress it with some baby shampoo

Like the baby you never had. Or the baby you currently do have. Point is, treat it like a baby.

Nuke it in the microwave with some dish soap

Bye, bye, bacteria-infested sponge. Just don’t go overboard and melt it, OK?

Suds it up and rinse it out with Dawn

If it’s good enough for baby penguins and oil-slicked chicks, it’s good enough for your sponge.

Give it a little olive-oil conditioning massage

Because even neglected makeup sponges need a little TLC…and some anti-bacterial rinsing.

 …Or just use the brand-approved Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

Sigh—it’s sold for a reason.

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