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The very best printable signs for the Women’s March on DC

On Saturday, approximately a zillion women will descend on Washington, D.C., to storm the capitol and stand up for women’s rights. Which are human rights. Because, last we checked, we’re all human and we’re all equal. It’s 2017 and we wish we didn’t have to write those words, but then again, Good Morning America referred to Hillary Clinton as “wife Hillary Clinton” in this tweet today, so — yeah, we’re still living in the patriarchy. Sigh.

Anyway, don’t agonize, organize, as they say — and organize we shall. Tomorrow is a big day for women around the nation, and we personally know women from far-flung locales including New Mexico, California, and Illinois flying in for the march, so it’s safe to say women will be showing up in droves, posters in hand.

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But if you don’t have a poster yet — we’ve got your back. By the way, no shame in that game: Chrissy Teigen posted that she was choosing the march over Sundance, and then followed up by admitting she had no idea what her poster would look like. “i was going to go to sundance to support john tomorrow but feeling compelled to support my fellow women. see you at the women’s march, DC,” she wrote. When someone asked what her sign would say, she responded, “haven’t thought about it. i’ve never done this before. need to go to walgreens stat.” Relatable!

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Our favorite collections of signs on the internet are at the Amplifier Foundation, Tia, Join the Uproar, and For All Womankind, but there are hundreds of options out there on the wide plains of the internet. Scroll down to discover our favorite 10.

Woman March Poster Tia
Image: Tia
Woman march poster 2
Image: Join the Uproar
Women's March poster 3
Image: Join the Uproar
Women's march poster 4
Image: Join the Uproar
Women's march 5
Image: Join The Uproar
Woman's march poster 5
Image: Join the Uproar
Women's march poster 7
Image: Join the Uproar
Woman's march poster 8
Image: The Amplifier Project
Women's march poster 9
Image: The Amplifier Project
Women's March poster 10
Image: For All Womenkind

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