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This Stupidly Simple Trick Makes Plucking Your Eyebrows Goof-Proof

Poor eyebrows—they’ve taken such a beating over the last few decades. Whether you plucked the hell out them, waxed them to smithereens, or slathered them with skin-burning growth serum for the better part of the last two years, they’re almost always getting fixed, destroyed, and messed with. But one angelic Reddit user wants to end the war against bad brows by telling the world her favorite trick for getting clean, even, happy brows, every single time.

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In a LPT (Life Pro Tip) posted a few hours ago on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction, one user shared her trick for avoiding the dreaded over-plucked brows, which we’ve all been victim to at least once (or one-hundred) times in our lives. Her trick: “Pluck brows after filling them in [to] avoid over-plucking,” says user Avoxel. “I have found that if I pluck after I fill them in, I have a clear line of where and where not to pluck so I don’t stray too far into the line and damage the shape of my natural brows.” Yes, your mind, our mind, and every Redditor’s mind are blown.

Eyebrow plucking
Image: Imaxtree

It’s so freaking obvious and simple, and yet why did we never think of that?! Pretty much every Reddit user has praised Avoxel for the tip so far, with a few users adding on their own variations, like viixxvii, who notes that “It’s even easier if you fill them in and then carve out the shape with concealer. If you have dark brow hair, it really helps highlight what needs to be plucked and also helps you see/change the shape.” And anyone who has ever accidentally slathered light-colored eyeshadow or concealer on a web of hair knows how visible and obvious those hairs become, so we could definitely see how this would up the ante of the trick.

So next time you’re going in for the pluck, take a few seconds to color your brows, first, with either a pencil (we’re obsessed with the Anastasia Brow Wiz) or a powder-and-wax combo, like Flower Complete Brow Kit in Take a Brow, and then get at those errant hairs. Your non-pencil-thin brows will thank you for it.

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