People are PISSED at This Mom for Drawing in Her Toddler’s Eyebrows

Let’s be honest: We’re all on a quest for perfect, celebrity-level brows. Whether you’re trying a new brow-pencil-gel hybrid, or that cult-favorite, costs-more-than-your-cell-bill crayon the Sephora employee insists you buy, we’ll all go to great lengths to get our eyebrows on par with the likes of Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne.

And recently, our eyebrow envy escalated again when we came across photos of two-year-old Alisha-Lyn. Yup, you heard that right—Alisha-Lyn is only two years old and, with the help of mom Amalia Bass, her eyebrows are already rivaling Kim Kardashian’s.

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Toddler with drawn in eyebrows
Image: Amalia Bass/Facebook

Bass, 19, caused massive internet outrage when she uploaded a photo of her daughter’s eyebrows, which had been expertly contoured and shaded, with the caption, “When you’re two years old and your brows are on fleek.” Despite Bass’ serious makeup skills—and the fact that makeup is completely washable—Facebook users freaked out over the mother’s decision to fill in her toddler’s eyebrows.

Bass has since taken down her photo, but according to Cosmoplitan UK, one outraged user commented, “Ask any responsible adult that isn’t a teen. This is just so wrong on so many levels, and is not fun,” while another user voiced similar opinions, stating, “This generation of girls are [sic] gonna be a lost cause if we don’t teach them about more important things than their ‘LOOKS’….. Such a shame really!” according to Daily Mail.

Amalia Bass Eyebrows
Image: Amalia Bass/Facebook

This almost goes without saying, but putting makeup on children has been a longstanding debate, with pretty much no clear winner. Although Toddlers in Tiaras-level hair and makeup may make you cringe, what about the basic childhood rites of passage, like wearing your mother’s heels or layering up her strands of pearls and rings? Sure, we want to teach children that their value, intelligence, self-worth, and character are all miles more important than their looks, but Bass’ photo definitely wasn’t claiming the opposite.

In fact, Bass insists that filling in her daughter’s eyebrows was simply for Alisha-Lyn’s fun and enjoyment, and she has never plucked or waxed them. “I had a lot of mixed opinions about it,” Bass told MamaMia, “Some people said ‘let her be a baby,’ which I agree with, but I can’t help it if it’s what she likes. I would never force her to put makeup on if she didn’t want to.” She also added, “I just think you should never stop a child from doing what they like or love. You never know—she may become an amazing makeup artist one day.” Perhaps we’ll be first in line to get our brows done by Alisha-Lyn in twenty years.

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