5 girl bosses who have taken the pet industry by storm

Considering more than $62 billion is being spent each year by pet parents across the USA, there’s no denying that pets have become big business (not just adorable, loving additions to our families). And, the rise of the girl boss has certainly hit the pet industry too, just as it’s been affecting business culture throughout a variety of industries across the country. Here are five pet industry girl boss success stories to inspire you today.

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Stephanie Boone – Wondercide

Image: Wondercide

After Stephanie Boone’s dog, Luna, suffered life-changing side effects from a veterinarian-prescribed flea and tick treatment, Boone set out on her own to find a safe formula and healthy solution for Luna. After multiple vets told her it was time to put Luna down, Boone wouldn’t budge – there was a solution and she was going to find it. Having left her career, Boone founded Wondercide and hasn’t looked back since. Today, Wondercide is the leader in natural, safe and effective flea and tick protection and offers an extensive line of products 100 percent free of harsh chemicals, made with only top-grade ingredients to help make pets their healthiest selves. Earlier this year, the company was featured on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank and the brand was named one of the “11 Best Products Ever Seen on Shark Tank” by Forbes.

Alisa Johnson – Dogs on Deployment

Image: Dogs on Deployment

Husband and wife Shawn and Alisa, both members of the U.S. military, found themselves in a tough situation when Alisa received orders to relocate to Quantico, Virginia for six months, and Shawn had orders to be deployed at the same time. With their pup JD, needing a home while they were both relocated, they struggled to find a stable home for JD until the family was able to come to the rescue. That’s why in 2011, Dogs on Deployment was born. While they were lucky enough to have family nearby, they quickly realized a need for many military families across the U.S. who often find themselves in the same or similar situations. Today, Dogs on Deployment is a thriving non-profit making a difference in both military lives and pet’s lives across the U.S..

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Joanna Rein – Soggy Doggy Doormat

Image: Soggy Doggy LLC

As a busy mom of four kids and one tireless dog, Buddy, Joanna needed the ultimate cleaning solution to suit her busy, on-the-go lifestyle. After endless trials of every doormat or towel already on the market, Rein set out to create her own solution: the Soggy Doggy Doormat. Made of microfiber chenille shag, the “noodle” fibers make the Soggy Doggy Doormat products five times more absorbent than your average towel and have become an essential life (and time) saver in homes across America. Since the launch of Soggy Doggy, Rein has extended her business to a multitude of life and timesaving essentials: Soggy Doggy Doormat, Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, Soggy Doggy Crate Mate, Super Snoozers, Slopmats and the Slobber Swabber! Her products have received countless industry awards, and national recognition. The microfiber noodles lock in excess dirt and mud, perfect for messy paws year round!

Jennifer Williams – Cuddle Clones

Image: Cuddle Clones

In 2005, Jennifer and her Great Dane, Rufus, were just having a normal day at the park, until Jennifer realized how fun and adorable it would be to have a stuffed animal of Rufus – and not just any stuffed animal – an identical Rufus twin! After several years of not letting go of her idea and the passing of Rufus, Jennifer knew this was her time to honor his memory and Cuddle Clones was born. After six years in the pet industry, Jennifer has poured her heart, time and effort into creating a brand to create “happy pets and happy people” through one-of-a-kind plush replicas of furry family members across the USA!

Rashi Narang – Heads Up for Tails

Image: Heads Up for Tails

After growing up with many dogs in her life, Rashi, originally from India, knew from just a young age that she wanted to do something creative and fun surrounding the pet industry where she could always be “surrounded by wagging tails and happy barks!” After a job in the corporate banking industry, Rashi realized that she was not living her dream and went on to pursue her passion for pets. After her dog Sara came into her life, Rashi set out to design a line of premium products that offer fun and endless love for owners to shower their pets with. Over a glass of wine with her good friend, Dhara, and discussing the sad news of Dhara’s move to the USA, Heads Up for Tails, USA was born and the business plan was on a roll. With extensive designs and products available now in the USA, Rashi and her team are innovating new products every dog and pet parent loves!

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