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10 Christmas nail designs that scream “bring on the mistletoe”!

Christmas is magical for approximately 15-billion reasons (a number of which center around presents and all-you-can-eat cookies and pie), but aside from the gluttony, one of our favorite reasons is the never-ending holiday spirit that permeates literally every aspect of life—including your style. During the month of December, you can pretty much get away with any style choice, provided it’s Christmas-themed. Reindeer sweater? Sure. Red-and-green ornament earrings? Why not. Glitter-flecked lipstick and a Christmas-tree dress? Hey, if it floats your boat.

But if you’re not into dressing up like an ornament, you can still show your undying love for Christmas by trying your hand (ha) at some incredibly purposeful holiday nail art. Nope, these designs aren’t for the minimalists or the Scrooges—they’re for the people who start counting down to Christmas in July and would gladly listen to Christmas songs year-round, sanity permitting. So scroll down to see our favorite designs, and get inspired to try your own nail art this Christmas.

A very geometric Christmas

Ombre diamonds


The Grinch

Blue Christmas

Reindeer nails


Crystal accents

Holiday sweater


Want more Christmas nail art designs? Check out our tutorial!

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