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Jennifer Lawrence is designing the most ridiculous new app

Jennifer Lawrence is a notorious jokester, so it’s hard to tell if she’s for real about anything. But she announced that she’s developing a new app on last night’s The Late Late Show with James Cordenand she actually seemed pretty serious. “My idea for an app is an app where you see what you and your dog’s baby would look like,” she said. “Or cat… It’s all in the details. It has to be very real. They sent me one prototype that’s, like, me with, like, dog ears and a snout and I’m like ‘No.’ It’s all about the features.”

J. Law is an Oscar winner, so it’s extremely possible that she’s just messing with us. But she added that this insane and also kind of awesome concept was a “real drunk idea that’s actually becoming a reality,” saying that this is indeed “a very real app. I want to really hammer that in.”

Jennifer Lawerence with her daog Pippi
Image: WENN

Lawrence’s dog, Pippi, is clearly one of her great loves, so why wouldn’t she want to see what their baby would look like? Also, there’s an actual Twitter account dedicated to the ‘ship of JLaw and Pipsqueak (not sure that’s her actual nickname in this scenario, but we’re going with it), which is how you really know their love is real. It’s not maintained by Lawrence, obvs (or, for that matter, anyone else in the past year), but it’s out there.

“I have the only dog that I know that can tell the difference between chicken and turkey,” Lawrence said on an episode of Man on Red Carpet earlier this year. “She only likes chicken. She doesn’t even like fish. But she likes coconut chips… She’s so weird. She’s such a Beverly Hills Gemini.”

“She was, actually, a joy one time,” she added. “I was doing a crying scene, and she had run from upstairs, and I’m in the middle of doing a scene, and she jumped on my lap. It was so cute.” Cute. Anyone else excited to meld their face with their dog’s ASAP?

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