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Scenes from today’s anti-Trump protests around the country

Social media is flooded today with images, videos and powerful messages about women’s rights and anti-Trump sentiment ahead of the Electoral College’s formal vote. As Politico reports, the 538 members of the Electoral College meet next Monday, Dec. 19 to represent their state capitals and cast the official vote for president of the United States. Though Trump won in states that in total have 306 electoral votes, and you need 270 to win, Republican electors do have the choice to choose someone else for president. If 37 Republican members of the Electoral College were to vote for someone else, the final decision would be sent to the House of Representatives, the publication reports. This is unprecedented — but technically possible.

And so hundreds of women across the country are gathering today to stand up for their rights, protest Trump, and urge the Electoral College to write in someone — anyone — else. Though it seems Hillary Clinton isn’t an option at this point, Republican John Kasich has emerged as the Electoral College’s alternate pick, according to Politico. It’s a long shot, for sure — but it is actually possible, at least in theory.

Trump protestors
Image: Getty Images

There are strikes going on right now in 30 cities, including New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; Oakland, California; Santa Barbara, California; San Francisco, California; Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; New Haven, Connecticut; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Terre Haute, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Boston, Massachusetts; Sag Harbor, New York; New Paltz, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; Winston Salem, North Carolina; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Columbus, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania; Providence, Rhode Island; Bastrop County, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Austin, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; and Seattle, Washington. Go, team!

Women are really holding it down on the protest front. Many hundred thousand women are expected to march on Washington on Jan. 20 to protest Trump’s inauguration, and though the National Parks Service made the unprecedented move to block access to the Lincoln Memorial — where those who have gone before us have marched for civil rights and against the Vietnam War — a nearby location has already been secured for the protest.

Trump protestors
Image: Getty Images

And to skeptics who claim protests do nothing: “The war in Vietnam ended a lot earlier because of people taking to the streets,” Ann Massaro, who organized the Women & Allies grassroots campaign, told New York. “And it’s not just about protesting. It’s about uniting people in these places across the country. This is a women-driven action and a women-driven movement. It’s important to know that you’re not alone.” Yup.

If you can’t make it for the full protest, organizers suggested that you hit it up on your lunch break or denote a signal of your economic power by refusing to spend any money today.

Images/videos from the protest and tweets about it:

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