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Thousands of bugs could be sitting in your Christmas tree right now


Here’s something we haven’t ever pondered before: There could be up to 26,000 insects in your Christmas tree according to Safer Brand. Because of course there are bugs in your tree — you got it from nature. It was living in a forest. Full of bugs. Why wouldn’t there be all sorts of critters hanging out in the branches and needles? Are you screaming yet?

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Don’t worry — it’s not as bad as it sounds. Safer Brand (which yes, is a bug spray brand) says most of them are microscopic and will probably die once you bring your tree inside. They’re generally harmless, but mites can cause needles to drop prematurely and spiders, well, we all know what spiders can do.

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Anyway, if you’re concerned or thoroughly creeped out at the thought, there are some things you can do. First, check the trunk and undersides of branches to make sure there aren’t any egg cases or other things hiding there. Give your tree a shake and a thump the stump on the ground a few times to help the tree let go of guests. Then let the tree stay overnight in your garage before bringing it indoors.

Safer Brand has some more tips and info in their handy infographic. We think it’s still totally worth it to have a fresh Christmas tree.

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bugs in Christmas tree
Image: Safer Brand

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