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9 gifts we’re tired of getting every single year

Shopping for the perfect gift is hard – but so is putting on a gracious show when you’ve received the same bad gift year after year. We asked what gifts our community would be happy to never receive again. Here’s what they said.

1. Coffee (when I don’t drink it)

“I hate coffee. I hate the taste, I hate the smell, and I hate that it makes me sick to my stomach. I am a renowned tea drinker, everyone knows it, and yet every year someone close to me always ends up giving me coffee. I’m not sure if it’s just a lack of thought or pure laziness, but I am so over it.” — Kaitlin Racine

“Starbucks gift cards… I hate coffee and it is unfortunately the gift card of choice for most people!” Colleen Delawder

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2. Heavily scented gifts

“Body care of any kind. I’m particular with scents so it never gets used and I’m lucky if it’s from Bath and Body works because I can return it easily… if I remember to return it.” Eryn Gilson

“I actually love candles and am super into my hygge household, but I’m also migraine-triggered by certain scents and chemicals, so it’s best if we just skip the (literal) headache — especially since SNL hilariously nailed the scented candles as a regifting cliche.” Julie Ross Godar

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3. Jewelry and clothing

“Artisan jewelry and scarves that are the exact opposite of my taste… from my mother-in-law!” Christine Suter

“I told my husband I’d break up with him if he gave me one more winter coat for Christmas, does that count?” Lynn LaPlante Allaway

4. Kitchen gifts

“Cooking utensils/appliances. Cooking is YOUR hobby, not mine.” Crystal Hill

5. Lip balm

“I realized recently I am not going to live long enough to use up all the lip balm I have. This is a sobering thought. No more lip balm, please.” Melissa Kirsch

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6. Monogrammed gifts

“Items that have my initial(s) on them. Sorry, mom and grandmother, but I will likely never actually put a picture of myself in that picture frame with a huge, wooden letter ‘K’ on it. And yes, that’s still in my closet.” Kristine

7. Immediately outdated gifts

“Holiday-related items. I’m talking Santa-shaped decorative soaps, a gingerbread house nightlight or reindeer earmuffs. You get them and then they are out-of-season the very next day. Then they sit in your closet until the following year but you’ve already forgotten about them.” Elizabeth Yuko

8. Framed photos

“Framed photos of people. I’m sorry, family and friends; I may love you, but it’s up to me to decide who I’m displaying in my home.” Alice Bradley

9. Sweet treats

“Anything with sugar in it.” Adriana Velez

“Candy. I mean. I love the stuff, but every year I get more candy than one person can possibly consume. Please, no more chocolate.” Kenzie Mastroe

Is there a gift you’re sick of getting every year? Share it in the comments!

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