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These people will convince you to spend $85 on a rock for Christmas

What if I told you that an $85 “leather-wrapped stone” from Nordstrom would make an excellent Christmas or Hanukkah gift?

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You’d probably invite me and that $85 rock to go to hell together, hand in hand. So I’m not going to tell you to buy Nordstrom’s leather-wrapped stone. I’m going to let Nordstrom’s best customers and comment-leavers to convince you instead.

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“I told my husband I was going to buy a rock in a pouch today as a conversation piece and he asked why? I told him because we don’t have one.” — Hillary Whitney

“When I read the design embodied both ‘simplicity and functionality’, I thought there was no way this could be achieved. But when I finally got my hand crafted, leather wrapped rock, I was astonished. It really was completely simple yet functioned perfectly. In fact, I’ve never owned a rock that could function better this product. Does everything a rock is suppose to do even with the leather covering. I mean everything! Definitely worth the cost without doubt.” — Simply_Amazed

“I’m a member of an elite rock society, believe me, this rock was the envy of the evening. I’ve witnessed the finest of rocks in my day, but this one.. best rock I’ve seen in over a fort night.” — WeWillRockYou

“Do you have rocks lying around the house NOT nesting in a leather pouch? Oh boy, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I can’t tell you how many conversations have started when people see this wonderful product sitting on my coffee table. From, “Why do you have a rock on your coffee table?” to “Why is there a rock in a leather pouch on your coffee table?” to “Are you feeling ok?” people just can’t get enough of it! But what I’m really excited for is for my rock to develop patina over time. I check it literally every day waiting for it to happen! And I highly recommend the MEDIUM Leather-Wrapped Stone. The small and large are just silly.” — Kevin Rosthchild

“Lost my j/o crystal recently and had been down in the dumps (so was my little guy) since I couldn’t get a good sesh in. Needed a new replacement and found this rock. It’s not a crystal but I could tell it was full of positive power and energy. Now I can have a good sesh whenever I want and all the guys at The Hut are jealous of me. Thanks Nordstrom!” — BlumaKlitoff

I think you get the point.

Oh, one more thing: It’s not a Hatchimal, LizzyBecks.

“I think this Hatchimal is broken. It makes no sounds, never moves, and no matter how much I hold and play with it – it never hatches! The leather pouch is nice though. I put my makeup in it.” — LizzyBecks

But yes, the pouch does work nicely as a makeup bag.

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OK, but seriously. Is Nordstrom trolling us or are they trolling Neiman Marcus? Guys, I don’t think the stone is supposed to be a joke. It was made by Los Angeles leather goods designer Made Solid with no apparent irony.

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