Jennifer Aniston: ‘It’s up to us what makes us happy’

Jennifer Aniston is tired of being told that she should fit into certain boxes, and she aired her grievances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Discussing Aniston’s op-ed for the Huffington Post addressing the insane pregnancy rumors earlier this year — which DeGeneres called “a beautiful reaction” and “so eloquently written” — Aniston had some more to say on the matter.

“I think these tabloids, all of us, need to take responsibility on what we ingest into our brains,” she told DeGeneres. “Just because we are women, we have a uterus, we have a vagina, we have ovaries, we need to like, ‘Get to work, lady!’ As opposed to, hello, Freedom Medal. We as women do a lot of incredible things in this world other than just procreate — and not that that is not — but it’s like we just get boxed in.”

This alone deserves a round of applause, but Aniston wasn’t done yet. She railed against tabloids, expressing that their rumor-starting abilities are out of control, and need to be given a closer look. “They love the narrative, they love the story, they love the — ‘She’s jealous of this person, she’s depressed and oh my god she’s never going to have a…’” she said. “Whatever the horrible little headline is, we’ve just got to break out of that and go, ‘whoa, whoa.’”

This is not just an issue of the patriarchy here. Aniston added that women writers are behind lots of these hurtful articles. “Women, I have to say, are many of the authors of these horrible articles that are written in these BS tabloids,” she said. “We have to stop listening to them, we have to stop buying them because we have to support each other, especially at this time, to love each other, to support and to be proud of women, of whatever your choice is in life. It’s up to us what makes us happy and fulfilled.” Truth.

Aniston noted that she initially wrote her HuffPo article for herself — “You know how we kind of write, but don’t necessarily send it?” she said — but said that she and husband Justin Theroux were vacationing in the Bahamas during a difficult moment in her life, and they were mobbed by paparazzi (“I kept thinking, ‘Is Kim Kardashian behind me?”) when pregnancy rumors started swirling, and that was it. Article published. And we have to say, we’re so glad it was.