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How to give for Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, a way nobler pursuit than Black Friday or Cyber Monday, though no less fun. Today, as you revel in your shopping hangover (and wait for all of your purchases to appear at your front door), Giving Tuesday allows you to get a head start on your holiday giving and choose a charitable organization (or a few) to give to ahead of the end of the year. We found five great programs to check out for Giving Tuesday, but don’t let us stop you from exploring the mission’s site and choosing from hundreds of worthy options to support.

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1. iSow and #KidsHelpingKids

For every child who creates a profile on iSow today, KidsShoes will start them off with their first donation. Children can choose from three categories — causes, savings and wishes — to learn about the value of philanthropy (and the value of a dollar).

2. Planned Parenthood

It should go without saying that Planned Parenthood needs support now more than ever in the wake of the election and the possibility that women’s rights are soon to be endangered. PP has received close to 100,000 donations in the past month; no use in stopping now.

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3. American Refugee Committee

This deeply important and powerful organization provides support to refugees around the globe, helping them rebuild their lives. You may not be able to volunteer at the front lines of refugee crises around the world, but you can help by donating to the American Refugee Committee — the next best thing.

4. 350

If you’re worried about climate change, donate to 350. The organization’s name comes from the target level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere — 350 ppm. (Right now, we’re at 400 ppm, and we’re adding 2 ppm per year, according to their website.) If this sounds scary, you can help financially or by joining a local group.

5. Mercy for Animals

It’s no secret that pigs, cows, chickens and other animals suffer horribly on factory farms. They’re not protected by animal cruelty laws, which makes it exceedingly difficult to protect these little guys. Today, Mercy for Animals is trying to hit the $100,000 mark — and every donation you make will be tripled.

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