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18 times our pets were totally gross – but we loved them anyway

There have been many times in my life where I’ve been lying on the ground, cuddling with a creature that licks its butt, rolls in unspeakable things, and whose breath could level a small city, while non-dog people stare on in horror. I stand up, covered in hair, smelling like dog spit, and grinning without a care, because I’ll probably always prefer them to most other humans.

The fact is it hardly matters how weird or disgusting our pets are, we’re still going to love them. Though after hearing from our Community about their gross pet stories, let’s just say, some of these pets raise even our eyebrows.

The Poop

“I was on an early morning hike with my dog and his best doggy friend, a yellow lab, who I was dog sitting. My bowel movements are pretty predictable, and I knew I would likely have to go while on the hike, so I packed some wipes, and off I went. Sure enough, about 40 minutes into the hike, I stepped off the side of the trail, and did my business behind a bush. As I was stepping out, I saw my dog about 20 feet ahead, sniffing around. I didn’t see his best buddy. I looked around, in mild alarm, when I heard something behind me. I turned around, and to my absolute horror, she was in the midst of eating my fresh, still steaming, poo. Gross as fuck.” – Kristin Urban Dawn Watson

“When my cat is mad at me she poops in the middle of the floor, regardless of if her litter box is spotless. She’s 9. This has been happening for a majority of her life.” – Emmy Boyd

“One of my old cats liked to step in the litter box, but poop outside of it.” – Corri Michelle Smith

“We have two new kittens (just coming up on 16 weeks old) and they love to share the litter box first thing in the morning. One will stand and basically sniff the other one’s butt as they’re pooping and it only narrowly misses landing on their head. It’s repulsive but I guess that’s kitty love.” – Holly Whitman

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