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Did Kate Middleton recommend this ‘organic Botox’ to Michelle Obama?

What are the chances that Michelle Obama is taking skin care tips from Kate Middleton? Slim to none, we’d say. But a new Daily Mail post claims that FLOTUS’ makeup artist Carl Ray told them Middleton “recommended £43 ($54) Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel to Michelle — a non-injectable ‘organic Botox.'” Hmm.

First and foremost: Doubt it. “Michelle Obama has been using this organic Botox gel regularly on the recommendation of Kate Middleton,” Ray supposedly told a publication we’ve never heard of, Celebrities Style, according to the Daily Mail. And though he allegedly called the gel ‘unbelievable’ for combating wrinkles, a quick look at Amazon disproves that theory.

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Michele Obama and Kate Middleton
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“I purchased it believing I wasn’t asking to much of it just wanting it to lessen one wrinkle/line on forehead but it made no difference at all and gave me lumpy spots instead,” one user wrote, adding, “Very disappointed.”

“This product is nothing like Botox,” another unsatisfied customer wrote. “You just get a slight tightening of the skin but not even noticeable wanted the fine lines around my eyes to be less noticeable. No one has seen anything different with my face.”

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Honestly, we’re not sure why the Daily Mail just published this “news,” because a quick search reveals that this weird item about off-brand “organic Botox” actually first surfaced in September 2015 in such “reputable” media outlets such as The Inquisitr. Who can say why this pesky “beauty tip” is making the rounds yet again, but one thing we can say with certainty: Don’t hightail it over to Amazon to purchase this questionable gel. If you’re worried about wrinkles, stick with what works.

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