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Admit it, your pet is probably a total weirdo

Growing up I had a lot of pets. Over the years the house was filled with various cats, dogs, horses, fish, hamsters, gerbils, salamanders, bunnies, and even toads. And as an adult with three dogs, I seem to be carrying on the family tradition.

Every pet has been different and had their own quirks, but the one thing they’ve all had in common is they’ve been weird as hell and super gross. Each day I find myself reevaluating which of them takes the proverbial disgusting cake.

Is it the cat with sinus issues who would deliberately sneeze into my food and then steal it when I reeled back with horror?


Is it the dog whose greetings more closely resemble a proctology exam than a hello? What about the pitt bull who hides her barf under car seats and in the back of my closet for me to find at a far distant date?


And then there’s just the outrageously weird behavior, like the cat who used to sing the blues all night in the bathtub, and the horse who’d steal beer cans and throw them back frat boy style. Oh, and you can’t forget the puppy whose whole world stops when Adele sings “Hello.”


The fact is, no matter how much we love them, pets are kind of gross weirdos, and strangely enough, that’s part of their charm.

So what about your pets? What are the weirdest or grossest things they’ve ever done? Tell us in the comments and you might be part of a SheKnows roundup article!

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