Women have mixed feelings about whether to fear a Trump presidency

I’m not afraid because he won, fair and square

“I am not afraid of Trump. He’s a smart guy and really does want the best for this country. I was much more afraid of a continuation of the Obama administration or even the Clinton administration. We needed a change, a new voice, just like we have in the past. Typically after a term or two of one party, the other wins, and that was the case this time. Trump won fair and square. As a white person, I was not afraid of Obama in office and people of color should not be afraid of Trump just because he wants to protect our borders and keep our nation safe, something we should all want. I am more afraid of the tremendous negativity and lack of wanting to give Trump a chance.” Anonymous

I’m afraid of Trump’s detractors

“I am afraid, not of Trump, but of those who stand against him. I understand their fears and sympathize with them. I also have seen how that fear has changed people I know into people I don’t recognize. It’s their actions that frighten me now, especially as a Republican, since many of them are characterizing Trump supporters as racist, sexist, and homophobic. The hatred directed towards us is palpable. I have not spoken publicly about my beliefs for fear of the certain verbal and possible physical abuse I might confront. The hypocrisy of individuals name-calling and assaulting others for supporting someone they despise for those things is mind-boggling. On both sides, there are a lot of generalizations and misconceptions. Fear begets fear and anger begets anger. I hope as a nation, we find a way to reconnect with the more positive traits I know we all possess.” Corinne Schmitt

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I’m afraid of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

“I’m afraid of having Donald Trump as a President and the repercussions of his Supreme Court nominee and the changes he can make through executive orders. He’s done nothing to allay those fears with his choice of Bannon as a key strategist. It’s definitely frightening that Trump is basically the only person who makes the decision to launch nuclear weapons. However, what scares me the most is the amount of people in this country who voted for him. I can’t get it right in my mind that after the infamous bus tape and the racist comments and the xenophobia that millions of people still found it acceptable to vote for him. That is what terrifies me. Because in the end, Donald Trump is one man and we do have checks and balances in place to protect us. But, I drive to work and I see Trump bumper stickers and yard signs and that is what scares me.” Marybeth Santos

I’m afraid of men who treat women the way Trump has

“Yes, I’m afraid. I was actually surprised by how much I was afraid the morning after the election, but I felt like any supposed women’s equality was set back decades. I have always liked to think that men who have harassed me, threatened me, pulled down my shirt, grabbed my breasts, grabbed my pussy are all living pathetic little lives because they are pathetic little people. But here is a man just like those guys, and he won. He was elected and got tacit permission for all that crap.” Sarah Myers


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