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The best tweets that sum up our feelings about the election

Did you hear that? That sound was the collective sigh of relief that after today we will no longer have to deal with this election. Finally.


With 62 percent of adults getting their news from social media, the platforms have played an large role during this historic moment by allowing people from all over the world to voice their opinions about one of the most controversial elections of our time.

From the debates to the news coverage to the final race to the White House, social networks have proven to be a reliable source of news that is continuously growing and evolving.

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One of the wonderful things about social media is the combination of news, opinions and comedy.

As usual, Twitter is blowing up on this historic day and has provided us with some much-needed comic relief, even if it is still about this freaking election.

It all started a few days ago, when people realized the election really was coming up fast.

Now that the day has arrived, as usual, Twitter holds nothing back.

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Ken Bone even got his own Twitter emoji.

Some have tweeted out their conflict over which candidate to vote for.
Others took videos at their polling location.
A few even tossed around the idea about moving up north to join our friendlier Canadian neighbors.

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…or even further away.

And of course, the idea of self-medicating with alcohol after this stressful election season…

Or their plans for after Nov. 8…

But no matter who you’re voting for, there is one thing we can all definitely agree on.

Are you voting in this election? Let us know in the comments below!

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