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4 beauty routines that will get you in the holiday mood

Caitlin Lindquist

The holiday season is upon us and that means you’ve got a full schedule on your hands. Between making time for family, catching up with friends and running around crossing items off your shopping list, it’s no wonder you’re feeling anxious to get things done. But regardless of your exhaustive to-do’s, the holidays are a magical time. So to help you get in the holiday spirit, I’ve got four simple beauty routines that will have you feeling more like Cindy Lou Who than the Grinch. And the bonus is you’ll be holiday party ready to boot!

Swipe on that classic red lip

Red lipstick is the champagne of holiday makeup: It’s festive, elegant and perfect for any party. It’s sure to get you in the holiday spirit as the red shines against your pearly whites, making your smile reminiscent of those mouthwatering candy canes. I recommend filling in your entire lip with a pencil to create a strong base before layering your lipstick on top. This will help your color stay even if you get caught under the mistletoe.

Image: Caitlin Lindquist

Try a cranberry scented shampoo

Scents are so closely tied to your memories that one whiff of those cranberries as the winter wind whips through your hair and you’ll be immersed in a flurry of vivid memories. Rather than painstakingly waiting for the L train, you’ll instantly be back in the warm kitchen with mom preparing Thanksgiving dinner! I recently tried Garnier Whole Blends’ Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan Oil & Cranberry Extracts.

Image: Caitlin Lindquist

Paint your nails forest green

Green can be intimidating, but it’s a rare shade that looks just as good against your summer glow as it does your winter complexion. The evergreen hue will remind you just how fun decorating the tree can be, and the darker hue makes an appropriate nod to the colder months.

Image: Caitlin Lindquist

Practice a new hairstyle

This holiday season don’t let your hair get into a rut. Play with different styles to keep your hair looking fresh and ready for those festive get-togethers. Whether it’s simply switching it up with a romantic fishtail braid or adding a playful vintage barrette, changing up your look will give your locks new life and make you feel ready to take on that work holiday party you’ve been dreading.

Image: Caitlin Lindquist

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Garnier Whole Blends and SheKnows

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