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I conjured up a former president using a Ouija board

Alli Smith

What started out as an innocent slumber party on a stormy night with my sister and cousins at my grandma’s house, ended with screaming, wide-eyed, goosebump covered tween girls wondering what exactly had happened.

We had escaped to our bedroom for the night and my oldest cousin pulled out her brand new Ouija board. We turned out the lights and lit a single candle. We intended to find out the names of our future husbands, how many children we’d have and what their names would be just simple tween girl stuff.

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We all placed our fingers on the planchette (a small, heart-shaped piece of wood) and begin to ask the board questions. At first, there were numerous eye rolls and much giggling. As we became more entranced with the Ouija board it seemed the planchette took on a mind of its own. An eerie stillness settled upon the room. It was then that we decided to have a seance. I don’t remember why dear old George came to mind, but he did. Remember, we were tweens.

The solitary candle flickered as the planchette rolled wildly across the Ouija board before ultimately spelling out, “I’m here!” My cousins and I were struck with terror as thunder boomed and lightning crashed. It felt as if a spirit had entered the room. Our teeth chattered as we were spooked beyond belief and then poof the candle went out and we were alone in the dark with the ghost of George Washington.

We screamed as we tried to feel for the light switch. After what seemed like an eternity in the dark, the switch was located and boom, there was light. With bated breath, quivering lips and shaking limbs, we sat staring at each other. No words were uttered. No one moved.

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Personally, I was way too frightened to ever touch another Ouija board and to this day, I’ve never been in the same room with one. The experience my sister, cousins and me had was real to us and we were real scared.

I don’t know what ever happened to that old Ouija Board, but I do know one thing, that long-ago night still sends chills up my spine.

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