Nasty women of the world, unite

I can think of several billion people who respect women more than Donald Trump.

I can think of several billion people who don’t re-victimize women who’ve been sexually assaulted by calling them liars who are just seeking fame. I can think of several billion people who don’t equate a woman’s performance to that of her husband.

I can think of several billion people who don’t dismiss a woman’s opinion as an emotional response. I can think of several billion people who don’t think women are not deserving enough to make their own decisions about their bodies.

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Yet Trump appears to think all of these things, as he demonstrated with his overtly sexist rhetoric at the third and final presidential debate.

The first issue at hand in Las Vegas was the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton gave a well-measured response outlining her policy plans. Trump immediately focused on Clinton’s emotional response to a contrary Supreme Court decision, calling her “very angry” — because that’s one major tactic of men who want to take away a woman’s power. Interestingly, throughout her entire campaign Clinton has remained completely composed in the face of every attack.

Moving on to abortion, Trump squarely displayed a complete lack of medical knowledge on late-term abortion and how and why it is performed, using scare tactics and sensationalist rhetoric like “rip the baby out of the womb” to drive home his anti-abortion views. Trump and other anti-abortion politicians don’t believe that women have the intellect to make their own medical decisions.

Economics? Rather than agree with Clinton on the fact that women should receive equal pay for equal work, Trump quickly changed the subject to NAFTA and pointed out that “her husband” put it into place. “Her husband” was an oft-repeated phrase. But what Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that a woman’s competency is not measured by the performance of “her husband.” Clinton’s own decades-long career in public service speaks for itself; her husband’s résumé is not hers.

The topic quickly moved on to the accusations by at least nine women that Trump groped them without their permission — sexual assault by its very definition. Clinton pointed out the incredible sexism in Trump’s response to these accusations: that the accusers were not attractive enough to be assaulted.

Clinton’s response summed up his anti-feminist philosophy perfectly.

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Then, just to make sure he alienated as many female voters as possible, he called Clinton a “nasty woman” in the middle of her response about social security benefits.

He called a highly educated, highly competent professional with decades of experience in her field, who has never once sunk to his level of personal insults, a “nasty woman” because she is challenging his bid for authority.

And here’s what the women of Twitter think about that.

With that one comment, Trump may have just pushed any undecided female voters squarely over to the Clinton camp. A huge — one might even say yuge — mistake considering he needs all the votes he can get at this point. Women who disagree with men seeking power are not “nasty.” They are not “angry,” and they are not “liars.” What they are is “voters.”

So, to sum up:

It’s 2016. Women deserve better than this.

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