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8 places to get costumes and save money

Halloween is fast approaching (less than two weeks, no big deal.) Everyone has different ways of celebrating, from traditional trick or treating to watching a scary movie to throwing a Halloween party, but one thing can’t be forgotten: a good costume.

Maybe you’ve had your costume planned since last Christmas and need the last finishing touches. Or maybe you’re more like me and have no clue what to dress up as. Whatever your situation may be these stores can help you out, and each of them has some killer coupons to make sure there’s more than cobwebs in your wallet.

1. Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Wholesale Halloween Costumes allows you to buy costumes at wholesale price, and with these deals you can save even more money while donating 2 percent to a nonprofit of your choice. You can also find costumes for your pet, makeup tutorials to complete your look and decorations for your house.

2. Costume Discounters

If you’re looking for exceptional value look no further than Costume Discounters. While they already have low prices on every costume imaginable year round, you can save even more with these discounts while also giving back to nonprofits. Costume SuperCenter also makes shopping online for a Halloween costume easy. You can get great deals, such as free shipping, and donate 3 percent to your favorite cause.

3. Hot Topic

With a great selection of unique Halloween costumes in addition to plenty of pop culture collections, Hot Topic is offering free shipping, 30 percent off AND you can donate to a nonprofit of your choice.

4. Trendy Halloween

If you’re looking for something completely unexpected Trendy Halloween is the place to go. While you give 5 percent of what you spend back to your favorite cause using these deals and coupons, you can also create your own unique look whether scary, silly, adventurous or something else.

5. The Disney Store

The Disney Store has some great options for kids. Your child can choose to be their favorite Disney, Marvel or Pixar character while you’ll save money and give back.

6. Just Kid Costumes

Just Kid Costumes is another place to check out for just children’s costumes and to save some money.

7. Official Costumes

Waited until the last day to get a costume? Official Costumes can help you out with different shipping options to ensure you get your costume on time.

8. also has free shipping and fast shipping times so you know when your order will get to you.

You can find costumes, accessories and more at all of these shops, save money and give back to nonprofits. Shopping for a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be scary leave that to the evening’s festivities.

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