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What women still need to hear from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Tonight is the final debate before the United States votes for president next month. It will be a historic vote, no matter which way it goes. But for all the discussion of women in this election, it’s clear that we still have a lot of questions left for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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While we’re sure there will be a lot of tough questions asked of the candidates tonight, we can’t help but wish they’d tell us what they really think about issues that we care about.

To find out exactly what women are still waiting to hear from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we asked our Community. Their questions and topics are on point, and fingers crossed some of them get discussed during the debate.

Less character defamation, more policy

“Rather than talk about conspiracy theories or character defects and accusations, I would prefer to hear about the plans for the economy and how we can get our budget under control. I’d like to know about plans for welfare, veterans’ assistance, and healthcare.” – Caroline Poser

Economic benefits for parents

“I’d really like to hear from both candidates how they truly plan to stimulate and improve the economy in this country – not only for businesses, but also for individuals. I’d like to know how voting for either of these candidates benefits me as an everyday person and mother. True livable wages (not a minimum wage increase, which only eventually strips the economy and more jobs), real opportunities to work for companies that treat their workers well, and a decrease in taxes on our wages (which make living harder). The truth is the purchase power of the dollar has continued to decrease, while taxes have increased, and the cost of healthcare has become astronomical and largely unaffordable for most families (especially under the Affordable Care Act).” – Kendall Patton


“Question for Trump: Do you think it’s possible to be bring peace to a country divided on so many issues? As president, how would you work with Republicans and Democrats when so many have distanced themselves from you during the campaign?” – Ashley C.

What it will mean as a country to have a female president

“Question for Clinton: How do you think becoming the first female president would change America? Do you think the gender of the president will play a role in American politics and international affairs?” – Ashley C.

Controlling temperaments

“I wish Mr. Trump would address a few things: 1.) Your spontaneous, erratic behavior, which you laud, scares us. The gold star father’s anger/attacks and your matching anger/attacks scared many in terms of your having your finger on the “button.” Please address how you’ll rein yourself in and surround yourself with people who aren’t a laudatory bubble (as seems to happen to everyone who’s a president), but who will pull you back/challenge your impulsive behavior.” – Lynne Curry

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