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Why Pisces women make the absolute best friends

You know how you have those girlfriends that make you feel relaxed and comfortable to be yourself? It’s a feeling you wish you could have with the guys in your life. I seem to have this common thought with all of my dear friends that were born under the Pisces symbol, the dual fish. They have been my most loyal friends through my toughest times. They are deeply committed to their friendships and relationships, and ask for nothing in return. Their kindness and understanding never seems to exhaust. It is rare for me to feel like I can be myself, but not with the Piscean ladies I call friends. So I’m writing this to showcase all you wonderful Pisces women out there.

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She’ll put everything into her relationships

Women born under the Pisces symbol will sacrifice all for love and romance. If you’re able to appreciate her deep emotions, in return you will get her intense feelings. In order for her to really shine, you just need to make her feel stable. Once you do that, she’s all yours and the ride will be full of excitement.

Her depth of knowledge will surprise you

A Pisces woman has the tendency of having an old soul though she’s too modest to flaunt that fact. When she lets you in on her insight however, your world will open up to new ideas and possibilities. Don’t forget that still waters run deep.

She’s hilarious

The depth of the Pisces symbol means she’s actually really funny. She’ll have you on the floor gutting yourself with her humor.

She’s always got your back

The Piscean woman is ultra-selfless and if you have a problem or you’ve had a bad day, she’ll listen and make you feel cozy and safe. She is the master of “calm” and will help you overcome any problems in life.

Her love comes from a good place

If you don’t want games and you’re ready for the real deal, love from a Pisces comes from where it should – the heart. Pisces are well known for their good-hearted, empathetic and compassionate nature. They think with their heart so there’s no manipulation tactics, simply love.

She’s a tough cookie

While she will nurture you to the ends of the earth, she is a strong person herself and is considered to have the heart of a soldier. She would do anything for family, friends and her lover, and takes care of herself just fine.

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Her positivity is a ray of sunshine in your life

The Pisces woman has that rare positivity that makes her so delightful to be around. She seeks out positive, joyful people that are honest. Her positivity is so intense that she negates the negativity in people that are close to her.

You can be yourself with her

A Pisces isn’t looking for perfection, she only asks that you are real. She relies heavily on her instincts anyway, so she bases her relationship with you on a feeling as opposed to what you can do for her. There’s no need to put an act on for her, she will accept you just for who you are regardless.

If you are serious about finding someone to share your life with, the Pisces woman is the all around package. Instead of drama and uncertainty, you will feel fully loved and appreciated. There is a saying that you don’t know what love is until you’ve been loved by a Pisces. The thing is, all of these facts are shockingly true in my experience. So dive off the deep end and swim in the depths of the lovely Pisces woman.

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