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7 holiday decorating tips that won’t blow your budget to smithereens

You know when you see a cute decoration and then realize it’s like $50 too expensive? Yeah, we hate that, too. Thank goodness it’s just as easy to decorate with things you probably already have lying around your house or backyard. It only takes a few cheap staples to get your house in the Christmas spirit. Start with these eight ideas:

1. Fill vases and bowls you already own with your leftover Christmas ornaments

Leftover turkey? Winning. Leftover ornaments in random vases around the house? Also winning.

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2. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon

Who needs fancy, expensive Christmas decorations when you can tie pretty ribbons everywhere and get the same effect? Jars. Lamps. Your Christmas tree. So many options.

3. Put cinnamon sticks everywhere

Don’t forget, half the battle of getting in the holiday spirit has to do with scents. Holiday-scented candles and cinnamon sticks are a one-way ticket to getting in the Christmas mood.

4. Use Christmas mugs as mini vases

If you already collect Christmas mugs (or even just happen to own a few), fill them with short-stemmed flowers. Real or fake will do the trick.

5. Break out your DIY skills to make paper banners

Pinterest is crawling with DIYs that only require basic materials. If you have kids, get them in on the fun and make a Sunday afternoon of it. Bonus points for drinking hot chocolate while you craft.

6. Cut up old towels to make a fabric garland

If you have old Christmas towels (or can buy some at the dollar store), cut them up to make a garland for your mantel or staircase. You can also drape it near some indoor Christmas lights to give it a spotlight (just make sure they don’t touch because, you know, fire). As long as you can use scissors and tie knots, you can pull off this DIY.

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7. Get crafty with pine cones

You can paint them, you can leave them rustic, you can make a wreath out of them, you can put them in vases. It’s very shabby chic of you.

Keep it simple and the results be worth it – not to mention, you’ll have less to put away.

Image: Becci Collins/SheKnows

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