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It’s you, not your kitty: 7 things you do that annoy your cat

If you share your home with feline companions, you’ve likely noticed that cats can be… fickle. Sure, they can be just as snuggly and loving as the next pet, but they’re not ones to hide their displeasure either. For this reason, cats catch a lot of flak for being persnickety. But have you ever stopped to think maybe you’re just annoying them?

Hey, none of us are perfect — as the old saying goes, to err is human. It’s safe to say that, although most of us have the best intentions, we’re all guilty of irking our feline friends from time to time. So in the spirit of doing that less, here are a few things that might lead to some serious cat-itude.

1. Surprises

Cat surprise
Image: Giphy

I mean, c’mon, y’all. As hilarious as it might seem in the moment to watch your cat leap three vertical feet into the air at the sight of a discarded cucumber, it’s probably not winning you any points with your cat. If we’re really being honest, it’s just kind of rude. Plus, it could be bad for your cat’s nervous system. In fact, your cat probably isn’t a fan of any sudden movements.

2. Being ignored

Image: Giphy

What could possibly be more important than paying attention to your cat at their every beck and call? Your cat does not care if you’re in the middle of typing up an important report — if your laptop is taking away their rightful attention, they’ll simply sit on it. Cats clearly have a high opinion of themselves, and they fully expect you to feel the same. There’s an implicit understanding that if they rub against your legs or nudge you with their head, you will drop everything to shower them with affection.

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3. A dirty litter box

Image: Giphy

While it can be a hassle to clean your cat’s litter box every day, your cat is probably going to throw some shade your way if you don’t. Who can blame ’em, right? Just make cleaning the kitty litter part of your daily routine, and your cat will probably (*hopefully*) stop skulking past and giving you the stink-eye.

4. Forced affection

Cat hug
Image: Giphy

Here’s the thing about cats — they can be cuddly, yes. They can be very affectionate. But you can’t just sidle up to your feline friend and make them be your snuggle buddy. Whoever coined the phrase “my way or the highway” must have had a cat because, when it comes to affection, it has to be on your cat’s terms. Anything less will likely be rewarded with a swat or a little bite.

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5. Overpowering fragrances

Cat smell
Image: Giphy

Your cat has over 200 million (yes, 200 million!) scent receptors in their nose, so it goes without saying they have a very sensitive sense of smell. They use it to detect prey, predators and allies — including you — so overpowering perfumes and fragrances can put them off in a major way. So if your kitty ever runs in the opposite direction when they see you coming, you might have your signature scent to blame.

6. Kitty couture

Cat costume
Image: Giphy

To be clear, your feline friend has no interest in strutting down an actual cat walk. And unlike dogs who are somewhat amenable to the idea, cats generally do not dig getting dressed up like a doll. If you’re ever tried to put a cat in clothing, you probably suspect as much based on your cat’s lack of cooperation.

7. Bailing mid-play

Image: Giphy

What’s that old expression? Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth? Well, they might as well have been talking about cats. If your feline bestie does ever decide to grace you with some one-on-one play time, you’d do best not to take it for granted — who knows when they’ll bestow their friskiness upon you again. Here’s the hitch: When a cat is in the mood to play, they want follow-through. If you start playing with them and then bail after a few minutes, you’ll probably earn your cat’s ire.

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