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9 renter-friendly ways to revamp your space without paint or construction

So painting your wall fuchsia and knocking down a wall are off the table if you’re a renter. But there are ways to give your home character and personality without taking drastic measures. There are many non-permanent solutions that can give your rented rooms some personality, and if you find yourself short of design inspo, be sure to check out the HomeGoods blog for ideas.

1. Think of lamps as eye candy

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so why settle for the basic brown lamp when you could be the proud owner of a bright pink lamp? Hate pink? Pick another color. Just look for a light fixture that makes you do a double-take.

2. Add bright colors in small doses
You only hurt yourself when you avoid bold colors. Pick accent decor pieces in stand-out colors to scatter around a neutral room. It’s practically magic.

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3. Don’t play it safe — buy colorful furniture

It may seem like a bold move, but it can single-handedly make over a room. Don’t let the simplicity of neutral colors deprive you of the one vibrant chair you secretly dream about. You only live once, so take chances with furniture that speaks to you.

4. Hang something besides pictures and paintings

Maybe you have a prized possession that would go great on a big empty wall. If not, take a stroll through antique stores and salvage yards and you just may find something perfectly weird enough.

5. Represent your hometown

It’s a no-brainer to represent your home state in your decor. Think state-shaped cutting boards you can display in your kitchen or state-shaped wall art to hang with pride.

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6. Don’t count out plants

Place succulents on your end tables, step it up with hanging terrariums, or create your own bouquets from real or fake flowers to display on your coffee table and shelves. Plants very literally bring life and color into a room so use them to your advantage.

7. Play around with throw pillows

You can change the whole look of a room just by swapping out the pillows. It’s decorating for dummies.

8. Pick interesting end tables

If bold colors aren’t your thing, hunt for furniture in interesting shapes and designs. Think outside the box when it comes to nightstands (tree stumps, a 2-foot stack of books, etc.). The world is your oyster.

9. Buy a funky headboard
You can use just about any large piece of wall art to create a faux headboard that’s 100 times more interesting than any traditional headboard.

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As a renter with less freedom to paint walls or tear them down, decorating secrets are your loopholes to the renovation effect. Use them and abuse them.

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