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11 Rare Dog Breeds Even the Most Diehard Dog-Lovers Haven’t Heard Of

We thought we knew a whole lot about dogs — until we started to research some rare breeds, that is. Sure, we might have a plethora of knowledge about about Golden Retrievers and Yorkies, but little did we know there is a pooch that literally has the word “dog” in the name (hello, the Dogo Argentino). And no, bolognese isn’t just a type of red sauce with meat, it’s also an adorable little white fluffy dog.

You can find these lesser-known breeds in the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service Breeds category, but we’ve put together our favorites for you in a handy list. Expect to see a few of these up-and-coming pooches at your local dog park.

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1. Barbet

Image: WilleeCole/Getty Images

The curly-coated barbet is a rare canine breed boasting a friendly, people-pleasing personality. Also called a French water dog, this fun-loving canine may just jump in your tub when it wants some water action. Barbet advocates are currently working hard on increasing the pup’s American population.

Next Up: Berger Picard

Originally posted September 2016. Updated September 2017.

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