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Donald Trump Jr. has got ‘herds of mothers’ pretty darn PO’d right now

Let’s say it all together now: Once you commit words online, that’s where they’ll remain — forever (unless you’re lucky enough to have your old MySpace profile blasted from existence). Someone needs to hop into a time machine and back to 2011 to remind Donald Trump Jr. of this golden rule, because an old misogynist tweet he crafted has resurfaced and is getting picked apart by a new audience.

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The son of the Republican nominee for president has five children of his own with wife Vanessa. His eldest was born four years before he crafted this bizarre and gross tweet that pokes fun at “herds of mothers” for, apparently, have nothing but the stress of keeping a little person alive and healthy to chat about over lunch.
The fact that Trump tweeted this weirdness four months before Vanessa gave birth to son Tristan Milos somehow makes it even more egregious — was he speaking specifically about his wife and her friends? Oh hey, cool, would you look at that? Sister Ivanka had just given birth to her first child, Arabella, in July ’11. Perhaps he was suggesting that she too had become a mommy bot with no outside interests other than Pampers, breast milk and push stories?

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Since now is the perfect time for this tweet to see the light of day again, what with Daddy Trump Sr. running for the highest office while holding firm that raising kids is mommy work, it’s also the ideal time to gauge the reaction on Twitter. And the responses are pure gold.

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And just think — we haven’t even started to crack open Trump Jr.’s holocaust “joke.” Trump + his son = material for days.

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