You can literally give to charity by drinking coffee – yes all your dreams have come true

Whether you find yourself reaching for a fourth cup around four in the afternoon or can manage one mug a day, coffee drinkers alike know the importance of caffeine. The perfect cup of coffee can set the tone for the day.

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Some people enjoy coffee purely for the taste and variety of ways the brew can be made, while others might rely on it for the energy or mood booster. Some people even find they can’t function without coffee, brewing some the minute they wake up and craving the smell of coffee no matter where they are. (Guilty.)

Coffee can be an expensive habit though. Between stocking up on grounds and new mugs to brew at home, to getting coffee to go, the amount we spend can rise. (But it’s so worth it, isn’t it?) Don’t let it break your bank with these coupons and deals from top coffee shops and online stores.

No place like home brewed

Nothing beats making and enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to wait in line, you’re in your own environment and can save money. Find the perfect coffee maker for your home using these Goodshop deals from Mr. Coffee. (Additionally 4 percent of what you spend is donated to a charity or nonprofit!) And with 20 percent off any order, you never have to worry about cold coffee again with a mug warmer.

If you want to stock up and save on bags of ground coffee, Keurig cups or even tea, Coffee for Less provides a variety of options to choose from. And the savings you get (as well as donating 2.5 percent of spendings to charity) might just make you forget about going to Starbucks. Or maybe not.

On the go

Sometimes when three o’clock hits and you need a pick me up to beat the afternoon slump, or you want to avoid the post-lunch nap, a quick trip to a coffee shop is necessary. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Fortunately you can save money while trying all of Peet’s fresh grinds, like the Uzuri African Blend or a classic French Roast. Or if you prefer Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf there are plenty of deals for picking up an iced coffee during the last legs of warm weather, and you can donate 2 percent to your favorite cause.

Of course I couldn’t forget everyone’s fall favorite, the pumpkin spice lattes at the ever ubiquitous Starbucks. Enjoy your daily dose of autumn, save money and donate with these coupons.

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Regardless of how or where you drink your daily ritual, a good coffee mug is a necessity. You can find one that matches the rest of your home decor. To bring a touch of elegance and the spirit of Sundance into your home, check out Sundance catalog’s stoneware and hand painted mugs.

For those who take their coffee to-go or on the road, Things Remembered has a great selection of travel mugs. You can even get one for yourself and another as a gift for someone using their Goodshop deals and donating 6.5 percent to a favorite cause.

I really like my coffee mugs to say something witty. For people who can’t communicate without their morning cup, you can a find a variety of mugs to put your personality on display with savings from Zazzle.

There are plenty of ways to fuel your caffeine addiction without breaking the bank. Just short of attaching an IV drip of coffee, you can find lots of savings on mugs, grounds, machines and deals at coffee shops to keep you going.

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