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Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just for the earth — it’s for your kids

In case you were wondering, carbon footprints represent the total number of greenhouse gasses we produce in order to sustain our life and habits. Namely, each and every human being leaves a mark on the environment, and the question is whether we care enough to look back and assess the damage. Today, it is of the utmost importance to note that we all contribute to the grave phenomenon of global warming, which shifts weather patterns and brings forth a multitude of global challenges. The melting polar ice is just the tip of the iceberg, and if we wait long enough to see its bottom, it may as well be too late to turn the tide.

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Every move you make can have an effect

The first step on a green journey is realizing that everything we do in our daily lives has a carbon price tag attached to it. And by everything, I mean even things like turning on a tap, cooking dinner, going to work and drying laundry. We take energy for granted and fail to grasp that the more we consume, the more our environment suffers (and so do our budgets). On a brighter note, there are countless ways to cut energy usage in your home, including programmable thermostats, enhanced insulation, LED lighting, Energy-Star-rated appliances, low-flush toilets and other upgrades.

It is a good idea to first calculate your carbon footprint using excellent online tools and gain a deeper understanding of your impact. That way, you may also track your progress and set tangible goals. In general, every individual has several major concerns: home energy, transportation, shopping and water use. For example, apart from turning your home into a sustainable sanctuary, you can also try to use the car as rarely as possible, shop smartly and locally, eliminate food waste, opt for minimal packaging and do away with piles of junk mail.

Be the seed of change

The root of the problem is often education. The internet can offer an immense contribution with its abundance of user-friendly content. The truth might be hard to swallow, but an edible chunk of information is a way to enlighten those not willing to invest more time in educating themselves. I was personally shocked after coming across this infographic on the environmental impact in Australia and find it hard to ignore the 4409 pounds of trash an average Aussie generates every year. Also, we must not forget that the way we raise our kids also has a profound effect on the odds the world will face in the near future.

With everything you do, make an effort to embrace the “reuse, recycle and reduce” practice. You will not be able to reduce your footprint to zero, but even the most devoted environmentalists are hardly achieving that. Go step by step and always be prepared to walk an extra green mile, leading others by example. And do not feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Changes, no matter how small they are, make a difference when they pile up over a longer period of time. And if you seem to be the only one around proudly endorsing green practices, well, then you are even more important as a herald of sustainability.

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Without a holistic approach to carbon footprints, we cannot hope to make a real difference. In a world where the global capitalistic machinery still lays waste to Planet Earth, the change must be initiated from the bottom. Governments and industries struggle to leave wasteful practices behind, and the progress is sluggish. Well, there is no time to lament this predicament. Reduce what you can, offset what you cannot: Both your budget and nature will profit from this. There is no such thing as waste, only items and resources ending up in the wrong places. So plant the seeds for a better future and water them diligently every day.

A fresh start

We all bear a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and make this amazing globe a better, greener place to live. Lifestyle decisions and habits are what matters in the long run, and no contribution is meager or insignificant. Start by evaluating your carbon footprint and figuring out the best tactics to shrink it. As a society, we possess all the necessary tools to make a positive change, including the technology, knowledge and resources. We should not dare spoil the future for our children and make them grow up in a polluted world plagued by grim environmental problems.

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