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Kitchenware that’s as cute on the walls as it is dishing up your dinner

As life transitions from summer heat to autumn chill, make sure that your lifestyle doesn’t follow suit. While the bikinis do need to be packed away, your summer attitude doesn’t have to go anywhere. Cold months means more time spent indoors — so why not make your living space as beautiful and inspiring as it could possibly be?

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The first step to a fun home? Adorable kitchenware! It’s time to chuck the paper plates and dirty dish towels and invest in a kitchen you can be proud of. Spending an extra few minutes (and dollars) on sprucing up your counters and cabinets now will save you countless dreary moments later. From bird plates to pomegranate spoons, the internet is a haven for elegant and quirky dishware. Find some of my favorites below, all at incredibly low prices. Save money, live better. Now isn’t that a nice mantra to wear alongside your new knee-length peacoat?

1. Francophile dinner plate

Image: Anthropologie

Peep peep! Spread the Twitter IRL by having these cute plates peeking through your cabinets. Nothing nicer on a cold day than a little birdie chirping at your window — or, in this case, a shelf in your kitchen. ($24, Anthropologie; get free shipping through Goodshop!)

2. Pretty pantry canister

Image: Bed Bath & Beyond

Store your winter grains in style and feel like Eloise at the Plaza every time you step through your door with these illustrated canisters. ($24.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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3. Essential lunch bowl set

Image: Urban Outfitters

Be the star at the lunch party with these transportable painted ceramic “tupperware” containers. You can get 10 percent off when you sign up for the Urban Outfitters newsletter! ($10, Urban Outfitters)

4. 3-piece bakeware set

Image: Urban Outfitters

These mod baking pans double as minimalist wall art! Wouldn’t Richard Serra be proud? ($29, Urban Outfitters)

5. Designer print kitchen towel

Image: Target

Have your popsicle and eat it too with these adorable kitchen towels. It’s been confirmed: Summer really doesn’t have to end. Get 30 percent off with this Target coupon. ($15.29, Target)

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