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My anti-aging skin care secret is getting super-sweaty doing yoga

I don’t wish I were younger. It’s strange, but true. There was a time when I may have. A time when I may have wished it were easier to feel “fit,” and when the sunspots were just freckles and laughing didn’t cause lines.

But that just isn’t the case today. Why? I’ve earned all those age marks and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Scratch that. I’ve learned a ton along the way.

Each sunspot or freckle? They are gifts for facing the sun and world head on. (Even while wearing sunscreen.) Those laugh lines? They mean I have had a lot to smile about as my years have passed. I’m confident there are a few more in my future.

And I’ve learned the best way to make this face of mine glow — at any age — is to sweat it out. For me that means yoga. It is a practice I have found to be both comforting and profound in my quest to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

Posing strong

Each yoga pose — from cobra, to triangle to child — offers one benefit after another, from detoxing your body and releasing toxins to aiding your digestive system and increasing circulation. It allows blood to flow freely through you, from your toes to the very tip of your head. As you begin to sweat, your cheeks flush, coloring you with a healthy glow that starts from deep within.

Break the breakout cycle

The deeper you move into each pose, into each stretch, the more you will sweat. As you do, your pores will open, releasing the buildup that has been clogging them. Washing your face and using your favorite skin-care products after yoga locks in a fresh, youthful feeling.

Radiate from the inside out

There is a peace that comes with my practice that allows me to find calm in my day, a calm that doesn’t exist when I’m getting the kids ready for school, when I’m answering client calls or juggling any of the many demands on my time (and sometimes on my sanity). That peace is reflected in the sheen of my skin.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows

Have you tried yoga? Admittedly, it took me a few sessions before I understood its power on both my body and my skin, but now I’m hooked. I’d love to know what you think. (And if you have a favorite pose!)

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