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12 things you’ll only understand if you really love pens

Confession: I have no fewer than 47 pens in or on my desk at this very moment. They’re spilling out of my pen holder, jamming my drawers and threatening to mutiny my desktop at any moment. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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You see, I’m part of an ever-expanding populus obsessed with pens. There’s just something inherently satisfying about seeing your words come to life from the wellspring of a pen’s ink.

Do I realize this makes me slightly fanatical? Sure. But if you really love pens, there are just certain things you understand. Like…

1. Handwriting looks 1,000 percent better in ballpoint

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There’s a reason they call it good pen-manship, people.

2. You’d rather get a big box of pens than a bouquet of flowers any day

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Anyone who realizes your love language is pens is a keeper. Write that down.

3. There are no words for the Zen that comes with organizing your pens by color

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There’s just something about looking at pens meticulously coded by color that makes you realize all is right with the world.

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4. The rush of pleasure and pain you get walking into an office supply store is intense

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Pleasure because, well, obviously. Pain because there isn’t a shopping cart big enough for your ambitions in that moment (not to mention the potential hit to your budget).

5. Your idea of “seven minutes in heaven” is leisurely strolling the pen aisle

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Point me in the direction of the nearest pen aisle, and I’ll show you my next spontaneous vacay.

6. Back-to-school shopping is your favorite holiday

Best Day Ever
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Any day when you can score pens for 34 cents a pop is a good day and should be memorialized with a national holiday.

7. That feeling when a brand-new pen glides across a clean sheet of paper, though

Gone Girl
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You imagine it must be how Neil Armstrong felt when he took his first steps on the moon.

8. Errant pen marks are basically like ballpoint freckles in your world

I Regret Nothing
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In fact, they’ve become so routine in your life that you honestly can’t even tell which ones are ink and which ones are actual freckles anymore.

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9. In the soundtrack of your life, clicking pens would be the chorus

That's My Jam
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Ah, the sweet (habitual) sound of a clicking pen — music to my ears.

10. You can tell a lot about a person by the type of pen they carry

Judging You
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Some truth-tellers read Tarot cards, others read pens. You say po-tay-to; I say po-taw-to.

11. There is no agony like the agony of when your favorite pen is finito…

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12. Until you realize you get to replace it

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Sorry ’bout your luck, old trusty, but Mama needs a new set of pens!

Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

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