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What happens when you tell women they can smash the patriarchy?

BlogHer 2016 in Los Angeles gave celebrity keynote speakers, entrepreneurs, activists and a number of other leaders who inspire us to greatness an opportunity to join together and learn from one another. Five of the amazing sessions were part of a track called Heart & Soul, which focused on timely issues that affect us all, from how to how to define feminism in a day and age when the very word makes some people nervous or mad to how to handle speaking to a good friend who is pro-Trump when you’re all about Hillary.

The folks at BlogHer know you could use a few good tips on how to deal with these tough spots in life, and they delivered the goods. Here are the best tweets to come out of BlogHer 2016 Heart & Soul sessions. Read them, and feel inspired today.

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Until next year, BlogHer! In the meantime, always stay inspired, and remember that women have the power to make everlasting changes that affect our entire universe.

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