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5 YouTube channels turning science vlogging into must-see entertainment

Science. It’s a part of our everyday life but not always a part of our entertainment, especially children’s entertainment. If you are looking to inject some exciting science into your family’s life, these five rock-star women have your back. They are all the stars of some amazing YouTube channels working to show how cool and entertaining science and engineering can be. Check them out and subscribe to get a constant feed of science entertainment you can rely on and fantastic role models for young girls looking to go into STEM.

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Simone’s Robots

Simone Giertz

239,000 Subscribers

Simone has gotten somewhat famous for her amazingly entertaining robots doing everyday tasks really badly. She is a self-described “Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer” that is “somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.” Her robots do their best to do human tasks, but they aren’t quite up to par, and trust me, it is worth a watch. Her videos combined have over 12 million views, her most popular contraption being the breakfast machine.

Gross Science

Anna Rothschild

67,000 Subscribers

Produced by PBS Digital Studios, this show is about Anna showing off more than the pretty parts of science of this channel. She doesn’t gloss over the parts of science that some other people might not want to talk about! They have new shows every Monday, giving you a weekly dose of some gross science fun.


Vanessa Hill

294,000 Subscribers

In another great PBS Digital Studios production, Vanessa tells all of the awesomely complex stories of the brain in simple-to-understand ways. Every Thursday, Vanessa explores psychology, neuroscience and why we act the way we do. The most famous BrainCraft video explores our moral decision-making process by making you think about the famous trolley problem.

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Home of Shed Science

Sally Le Page

23,000 Subscribers

Sally Le Page is a British biologist at the University of Oxford and uses her YouTube channel to help explain biology. All filmed in a shed, Shed Science takes topics ranging from evolution to behavior to DNA and makes them accessible. Sally uses every tool possible, from music to costumes to animation, in order to show just how interesting biology really is.

Physics Girl

Dianna Cowern

446,000 Subscribers

Since 2012, Dianna has been uploading videos explaining science topics and everyday puzzles that can be solved with physics. Dianna researched dark matter as an undergraduate at MIT and low-metallicity stars as a research fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Her videos are high quality and great for kids to watch as well!

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