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11 products that will make your pup feel like an Olympian

Whether your dog is a veteran couch potato or an award-winning athlete, these 11 products will help your dog live and train just like an Olympian!

1. Fetch Fuel

Image: FetchFuel

Active is for dogs of all ages and sizes and works seamlessly with a dog’s existing diet. With this boost of nutrition, your dog will be ready to compete for the gold in no time! FetchFuel Active; (FetchFuel, $29.95)

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2. Star Walk

Image: StarWalk

Keep track your dog’s training regimen with the StarWalk! Using Bluetooth technology, StarWalk motivates owners to spend more time with their dogs to improve and monitor fitness and activity goals as well as set visible blinking alerts to remind owners of veterinarian visits, medication doses and grooming appointments. Like a FitBit for your dog, this lightweight device attaches to any dog collar and works great for dogs of all sizes! StarWalk Activity Tracker; (iQPet, $49.99)

3. dogPACER

Image: dogPACER

Getting Rio-ready doesn’t have to stop due to rainy days! This training tool will keep your dog exercising every day — no matter what! The dogPACER Treadmill is perfect for dogs with summer allergies and owners with busy schedules, or to even kick up training intensity. dogPACER Treadmill; (dogPACER, $499.00)

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4. Nutram

Image: Nutram

Nutram’s recipes are naturally preserved, use meat grown without the use of hormones, and most recipes are prepared with low glycemic ingredients. Nutram products ensure pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits and advantages without the fillers and added supplements they don’t need. Nutram Dog Food; (Available at pet specialty retailers nationwide)

5. Dog bed

Image: Sealy

Gold medalists still need their sleep in the Olympic village, and your dog is no different! Featuring “Quad Layer Technology,” the Sealy Dog Bed features a cooling energy gel, which absorbs stress on joints and cools dogs for comfort; PetRest memory foam to help increase circulation by conforming to a pet’s body shape; and a bio-green orthopedic foam layer to help maintain natural weight distribution. Sealy Dog Bed; (, starting at $100)

 6. Hyper pet

Image: Hyper Pet

The K-9 Kannon is an innovative ball launcher that shoots your pup’s tennis balls up to 75 feet! This super fun, interactive dog toy will train your pup to run (almost) as fast as an Olympian in no time! Plus, you’ll have a really great time playing along as well. Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon; (retailers nationwide, $20)

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10. Kurgo

Image: Kurgo

Protect your pup’s paws with these training essentials! Excellent for training on any terrain, at any level and in every season, these lightweight shoes protect paws and provide excellent support for long walks and hikes. With the reflective and light-up soles, nighttime training is also no problem! Kurgo Step-N-Strobe Dog Shoes; (Kurgo, $60)

11. Water bowl

Image: Team U.S.A.

Hydration is key for any gold-, silver- or bronze-medal-worthy performance! Keep your pup hydrated and support Team U.S.A. with this oh-so-spirited dish! Team U.S.A. Water Bowl; (Team USA Shop, $24.99)

12. Sweater

Image: Chilly Dog Sweaters

Represent the U.S.A. every time you leave the house! Dyed with natural plant dyes, this organic wool sweater will keep your dog warm on summer nights and still show his Team U.S.A. pride! Chilly Dog American Flag Wool Sweater; (Chilly Dog, starting at $32.99)

12. Treats

Image: Pawtriotic Treats

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Pawtriotic Treats offers the perfect post-training treat! With flavors like peanut butter, apple pie, pumpkin pie and cranberry, your dog’s cravings will be fulfilled after a long day of training! Pawtriotic Dog Treats; (Pawtriotic Treats, $1.99)

13. Toys

Image: Canines for Veterans

After a long training session, let loose with this patriotic dog toy! With sizes for all dogs, not only is it a great play toy but it also gives your dog a quick teeth cleaning! Canines for Veterans Double Tug; (A Pets World, starting at $8).

Image: SheKnows

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