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9 must-have items to boost your girl’s confidence for back to school

It is nearly impossible to believe, but we have entered THAT time and space. You know the one: The official countdown to back-to-school.

Kids mourn. Parents celebrate. (At least, many of us who long to have a “schedule” again.)

I only wish this back-to-school business could happen without knowing that winter and colder temperatures will follow. I’m all for the sunshine and beach year-round, but alas, my small people do, in fact, need to learn.

In honor of this countdown — and knowing the butterflies that often come with a new school year and, for many, a jump to a new school — I’ve collected a few fabulous must-have items that will send you back to school will all kinds of confidence.

Image: Danielle Smith/SheKnows
  • Smile bag — Let’s be honest: Your student’s smile is their greatest asset. It belies their nervousness, helps to push them forward with confidence (even when they might not feel it) and is often the first step to making new friends. Have them throw this sweet number on their shoulder for a great conversation starter.
  • Unicorn cat pen — Show off a little of that fun personality you see at home and keep their friends giggling with this little guy. Or, skip the kitten and go for the real deal. Who can help but make new friends with this in hand, right?
  • Levi’s®  535TM Super Skinny Jeans — In the interest of making the morning routine easy on both parents and kids, these are the ultimate staple to have in any back-to-school wardrobe. These jeans can be paired with anything from your girl’s favorite flats and tank to low boots and flannel when the weather cools off. Naturally, there are great options for guys too, like Levi’s® 511™ Slim jeans, and JCPenney is having a serious sale in honor of back-to-school with prices starting at $36.99.
  • Personalized journal — What does your new student think about this new year? Who is their favorite teacher, or the one they think will be the toughest? Give them a place to jot down everything they think, their big plans and their hopes for the next nine months in a notebook designed just for them.
  • Wireless mouse — A tool that makes every parent happy – this one is perfect for clearing desktop clutter (and getting school work done extra fast!). It will work for both right- and left-handed students.
  • iPad Mini case — This lightweight and protective case comes in a variety of colors and designs and, parents are naturally happy to know, is anti-stain.
  • Backpack — Looking for new options to lug the many, many books (and great accessories!) needed for the new school year? This is just one of many you can find to fit your child’s style. From floral and fancy to polka-dots or monochromatic, it won’t be hard to find the backpack that fits your favorite student.
  • Let’s Do This! notepad— There is just something about the new school year that inspires a “you can do it” attitude, and this notepad will keep your kids motivated from the very first day. Have them keep the pad in their bag or locker as a reminder that they TRULY have this school year covered.
  • Confidence pencil set— You are so smart. That’s what you are telling your kids as they walk out the door for their first day of school and you certainly want them to remember it….here’s a set they can keep in hand as a reminder. They will now have the pencils to prove you think so. This darling collection will keep their confidence up and their smile in place even on their most nervous of days. Just remind those kiddos… you are fresher than lemonade.

What’s your favorite?

This post is sponsored by Levi’s®.

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