Skip the travel buddy and book a solo trip to these gorgeous destinations

One of the biggest stressors in planning a trip abroad is working in the interests and needs of everyone in your group. From flight timing to the attractions you plan to visit, no part of the planning process goes without at least a small hiccup. If you’re tired of trying to put together a group for international travel or have failed in your efforts to find a suitable travel buddy, it might be time to consider going solo.

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For females, solo travel can seem a bit intimidating. Each new culture presents new and unique challenges in terms of safety, activities and comfort for solo travelers. Although it might seem like the world is too scary of a place to travel alone, there are several destinations that still offer a safe experience for those of us who would prefer to take our next trip abroad on our own. If you’re considering a trip alone to get to know a new culture while furthering your personal growth, here are three fantastic locations you should check out!

1. Iceland

In addition to being one of the most picturesque destinations on Earth, Iceland is also home to a welcoming culture that provides a safe getaway for solo travelers. The temperate climate also offers comfortable temperatures during the summer and has surprisingly mild winters.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland is the Golden Circle, which features the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall. This park also offers fun activities like caving and exploration of the Blue Lagoon. One of the most incredible things to see in Iceland is the Northern Lights. There will be dozens of tour options available for winter travelers to check them out on nights with clear skies.

You can also climb inside an inactive volcano and take a look around, or you can go snorkeling between the continents. There are many more incredible tourist attractions in Iceland that are accessible from anywhere in the country thanks to Iceland’s small size. I recommend taking a look at a list of the country’s top attractions to map out some of the destinations you’d like to visit most.

2. Belize

Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

This destination is perfect for solo travelers thanks to its warm weather and abundance of fun activities. Whether you’re looking to relax by the beach or get out and explore, Belize offers exactly what you need to check an amazing international vacation off your bucket list.

If a day at the beach piques your interest, you might want to check out the Placencia Peninsula or Hopkins Village Beach, as these are two of the most beautiful beaches in Belize. If you’re out to see some exotic animals, a trip to The Belize Zoo is an excellent option. Here you’ll find animals that have been rescued from the Belize wildlife and are being kept in large enclosures that mimic their natural habitat.

If you’d like to safely explore a bit while also taking in the history of Belize, you can check out the Mayan ruins. There are also options for snorkeling, zip lining and cave-tubing. Belize Adventure offers a great guide with additional ideas for solo adventures in Belize.

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3. Italy

Image: RilindH/Getty Images

A trip to Italy offers solo travelers a unique experience that is historically enlightening and full of adventure and culture. According to Lonely Planet, some of the best Italian regions for travelers are Rome and Lazio, Naples and Campania, and Sicily. These destinations offer solo-traveler-friendly attractions like the ancient ruins of Rome, thermal pools, coastal caves, hilltop castles, beautiful beaches and LOTS of delicious gelato and pizza.

Italian tourism can be divided into two camps: rural and urban. The cities are definitely a must-see as they provide some of the most incredible sights in the world. Away from the urban areas, however, you’ll find the beaches, mountains and other natural coastal elements that are great when you’re ready to relax a bit.

So there you have it — three reasons why your bucket-list trips don’t need to be put off until you have a vacation buddy. In fact, these three destinations offer the perfect environments for solo travelers to get to know themselves and other cultures better from unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Have a suggestion for a destination you’ve traveled to solo and loved? Let me and other readers know in the comments!

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