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Make your bathroom sparkle in a hurry with these 10-minute cleaning hacks

I don’t know about you, but I may never clean my house with as much gusto as is reserved for those terrifying occasions when someone calls to let me know they’re just “swinging by.” Unexpected company requires major lockdown mode for all members of the household, unwitting or otherwise, so that a hurricane-like flurry (a hurri-flurry?) of cleaning can commence.

For me, and I’d wager many of us, no space in the house inspires quite as much dread in these situations as the bathroom. It’s practically a law of the universe that your guest will need to excuse themselves and use the restroom at least once during their impromptu visit. As such, you want it to look (and smell) more like a luxury spa than, let’s say, a truck stop.

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Over the years — especially since we birthed tiny humans whose sole purpose seems to be making messes — I’ve discovered a few quick and efficient cleaning methods so I can welcome surprise guests into a sparkling home. Here are a few of the best bathroom hacks I’ve found along the way.

1. Hang a plastic grocery bag on the door knob

Before you do anything, grab a plastic grocery bag (you know you’ve got 100 stuffed somewhere) and hang it on the bathroom doorknob. This gives you an easy way to gather trash without having to empty and replace your bathroom garbage can more than once.

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2. Ditch the clutter

No one wants to see your hair products and makeup collection. Open a drawer and dump all that stuff inside for instant, clear and clutter-free counters.

3. Clean surfaces with a disinfectant wipe

When it comes to convenience, you can’t get much easier than disinfectant wipes. In fact, you could arguably quick-clean your entire bathroom using only a canister of these cleaning wonders. Run one of these over the bathroom counter and sink and that whole surface will shine. When you’re done, throw the used wipe in that bag you hung over the doorknob and move on.

4. Spritz your bathroom mirror

If your bathroom mirror is anything like mine, it’s probably splattered with toothpaste. Yuck, right? And if your guests use your bathroom, they’re pretty much guaranteed to gaze into the mirror at least once. Give it a quick spritz with glass cleaner and wipe it down to instantly ditch those splatters and brighten your whole room. Make the process faster by using a coffee filter in place of a paper towel to help eliminate streaks and those annoying fuzzy pieces of paper that stick to the glass.

5. Use glass cleaner to make fixtures shine

While you have that glass cleaner out, spritz some on the sink fixtures and wipe them down, too, to make them instantly sparkle.

6. Add essential oil to your TP roll

We all know bathrooms can be a source of unwanted odor that lingers. To ensure that just-cleaned smell remains at least as long as your guests do, put a few drops of essential oil on the inside of your toilet paper roll.

7. Give your toilet bowl a quick once-over

While it’s true a traditional toilet brush doesn’t take a ton of time to clean your toilet bowl, it is problematic after the fact when you have to try to get it out of the bowl without dripping toilet water all over your clean floors. Plus, who has 15 minutes to let the cleaner sit in the bowl? A much better option is the super-quick and easy-to-use Clorox ToiletWand System, which comes with disposable heads you just pop onto the wand. Since these heads are pre-filled with Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner, all you have to do is swipe around the bowl and then toss. Don’t forget to flush away all the sides—no one needs to know you just did that.

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8. Swap out the towels

How long has that same hand towel been sitting on your bathroom counter? Throw it in the hamper and grab a fresh one so your guests think you actually do laundry somewhat regularly.

9. Hide the dirty clothes

Speaking of laundry, you have to do something with all that overflow dirty laundry sitting beside the hamper. If there isn’t time to move it to the laundry room, just throw it in the bathtub and pull the curtain shut. They’ll never know your dirty little secret, I promise.

10. Fix the floors

Shake out your bathroom rugs (yes, right onto the bathroom floor) and toss the rugs out into the hallway. Use your vacuum attachment to give the room a quick once over, and it’ll grab all that hair and tiny pieces of toilet paper that came flying off the rugs. If you notice any spots on the floor, particularly around the toilet, wipe those up with another disinfectant wipe before replacing the rugs.

When you’re done, grab that trash bag off the door and pat yourself on the back. The bathroom is neat and tidy — and just in time for your guests to arrive.

Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

This post was sponsored by Clorox ToiletWand.

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