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Trump/Pence campaign’s logo was ‘fixed’ by the internet, and it’s glorious

The latest Donald Trump what-the-F-were-they-thinking move centers around a very sexy Trump/Mike Pence logo released — and then immediately nixed because, depending on your political views, we are a nation that is either too immature to even deal in the face of phallic symbolism, or we just can’t deal with a Trump/Pence GOP ticket.

Could it be a little of both?

Anyway, this is the logo Trump’s folks came up with, which consists of a manly “T” with a seductive “P” straddling its legs. It’s an elegant way to allow these letters to mingle — until you remember that the “P” in this union has a pretty scary anti-LGBT voting record and wasn’t having any of it. In fact, when Pence, who is the governor of Indiana, formally announced he was running as Trump’s vice president this past weekend, the logo was nowhere to be found in email fundraising blasts.

Oh well, it was sweet while it lasted: 

What’s a Democrat — or a Republican with a sense of humor — to do for kicks after that? If you answered, “Why, create brand-new Trump/Pence logos, of course,” then you’ve clearly noticed that more than a few people’s workdays became a little less productive today. Fortunately the rest of us get to reap the benefits from these new and improved GOP logos.
This is what happens when, in a flash, you realize the “T” actually stands for “toilet” and the “P” for “paper.”

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Just a bit more color, and voilà! Perfection.
Proof that this logo serves as a never-ending source of opportunity for 14-year-old boys everywhere to flex their comedic muscles.

In case you didn’t get it the first time, let’s make it perfectly clear. That “T” looks a lot like a penis. A penis, you guys.
Kids who grew up in the ’90s will appreciate this homage to Beavis and Butt-Head, though it’s difficult to say whether this is more of an insult to Butt-Head or to Trump and Pence.

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Someone pointed out the eerie similarities between Trump’s logo and that of the Aryan Nations flag.

And last but not least, Planned Parenthood has one hell of a sense of humor.

Keep ’em coming, Trump and Pence.

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