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The rug! The dress! 6 viral photos that have driven the world mad

It’s been a great week for Pokémon GO and a beige and black floral rug that must be (because there’s no other explanation) a black hole in disguise. The former is an augmented reality game you can download on your phone that you’ll need time to play because it involves roaming around your neighborhood and trespassing on your neighbor’s property to catch Pokémon and dragons (or something like that). The second, however, is a far more democratic way to waste time at work and at home, and if there’s one thing Americans love to do, it’s become utterly befuddled by viral photographs.

The question of the week is: Can you find the cellphone hidden somewhere on this rug? Jeya May Cruz, a Dell sales representative from the Philippines, came up with this challenge and it’s taking over people’s lives.

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This is only the latest viral photo craze. Remember when these other five photos took over your life in recent years and spurred many an argument with friends and colleagues while making you far less productive at work that week?

The dress

In 2015, no one could agree on the color of “the dress.” Was it blue and black? Or white and gold? Even celebs found themselves weighing in on the debate. Turns out, the colors you saw had a lot to do with how the colors hit your computer and the angle at which you were viewing the photo.

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How many girls can you count?

how many girls

They’re all dressed in identical uniforms and share the same hair color, which makes it even more difficult to determine how many actual girls are in this photograph and how many are just a reflection. Photographer Tiziana Vergari posted this challenge on Instagram and many are still baffled over whether there are two — or 13 — girls in this image.

Next Up: Is she under water or not?!

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