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One small typo led to a hilarious ‘cat’astrophic Reddit thread

Oh, typos. Everyone knows they can take even the most elegant love letter and make it look like a 7-year-old wrote it. Typos can be a nuisance, but in this case they’re the reason for one hysterical Reddit thread.

Reddit user mlj21299 took to AskReddit to hear about their fellow redditors’ worst car accidents, or so they thought. After some rushed typing and a one-letter mistake, redditors found themselves faced with the question, “What’s the worst cat accident you’ve ever been in?” The result? Absolute hilarity.

Since this is the internet, home of cat pictures and cat lovers, redditors were quick to take the call and share their own worst cat accidents. They’re hilarious, and if you’ve ever met a cat, completely unsurprising. Scratching, clawing and cat-induced scar stories ran rampant.

Cat-owning commenters also had plenty to say about the times their belongings were redecorated by feline fluids, more often than not, cat puke coming in to ruin the day (and the bank account).

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It’s a law of cat physics that cats will steer clear of any computer or book, unless of course someone’s trying to use them. Plenty of commenters were quick to highlight the times their cats didn’t understand the concept of personal space.

But then, there were the ones who weren’t trying to hide anything. Some cat accidents are completely, totally and 100 percent the human’s fault.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a true internet post without someone sneaking a pun in there.

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The best part about the whole fiasco was just how darn relatable all of the comments were. Every cat owner has witnessed their clawed kitty make every attempt possible to vocalize their disdain for bath time — or doing anything they didn’t want to do, really. So thank you, cats, for being the weirdos that help keep our lives interesting. Or for some people, the most interesting part of their life.

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