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10 calm dog breeds with chill to spare

As lovely as an endless supply of energy sounds, not all pet owners have extra pep in their step. Some pet owners prefer snuggling on the sofa to jogs in the park. And, hey, some pet owners simply don’t have the space to give a perky pup all the physical stimulation it craves. The truth is that not every pet owner is suited for a high-energy dog, and that’s A-OK.

In fact, it’s a good thing — knowing that about your lifestyle can save you and your new pup a lot of potential frustration in the long run. So if your idea of a good time is a dog who likes to Pet-Channel-and-chill as much as you do, check out these seriously laid-back breeds.

1. Bullmastiff

Image: Eran Finkle/Flickr

Don’t let these big guys intimidate you. Despite their hulking size — females can weigh up to 120 pounds and males 130 pounds — bullmastiffs (the same can be said for mastiffs and Neapolitan mastiffs) don’t need much space because they simply aren’t that active. In fact, they’re pretty hard to rouse when they find a cozy spot to relax.

Their low-key nature and high-key loyalty make them great family pets. But despite their calm and gentle demeanor, they do need at least basic obedience training to prevent dominance issues down the road.

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