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Do our pets get angry at us? We asked a pet psychic to find out

I have conversations with my dogs throughout the day. To a non-pet lover, my conversations can seem, well odd. Of course, I don’t expect my dogs to answer me back. I often wonder if they really understand me. Do animals understand us humans? It turns out they do.

I’ve always been interested in psychic abilities. I don’t think I possess any personally, but I’ve had people in my life or even complete strangers tell me something about myself that sent chills down my spine. Often I feel that my pets are trying to let me know how they feel. As a devoted pet owner, I learn to interpret their body language in hopes of understanding what they want. Like most pet owners, there are times when there’s obvious miscommunication — just what exactly do they want? That’s when you seek the services of a pet psychic.

Boo Newell is a life coach, psychic medium and animal communicator in Atlanta, Georgia. She helps people communicate with their pets (of any type). Her gift of communication with animals has been with her for her entire life. Boo believes that everybody has an ability to communicate with animals. After all, humans and animals are not very different, we just have different forms. Learning how to communicate takes skill, practice and the ability to remain neutral. I sat down with Boo to find out how she speaks to animals and what they want us to know about them

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SheKnows: How do you talk to the animals?

Boo: It’s a combination of telepathy and the four psychic senses. Telepathy is where thoughts, visuals, verbal and feelings (emotional and physical) are sent directly back and forth from mind to mind. The four psychic senses are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairgustance (clear taste and smell). Using all of these abilities helps me communicate with animals.

SK: Do you just feel their energy or do they speak directly to you?

Boo: Both. I’m receiving the emotions and the energy level. Their message doesn’t come like a burning bush — it comes in like a voice in your head or as a projected image. If I want to convey something to an animal, I project the image of what I want them to do or how I feel. And, the animal does the same to me.

Communication is really based on vibrational levels of energy. The higher the vibration, the more neutral and the clearer the reading. If you are depressed or angry, it affects your energy, causing your vibrational level to be lower. Lower vibrational levels will skew the results because you are putting your own emotions and opinions into it.

I may use up to all four of the psychic senses to read an animal. It can be a feeling, especially if they are in pain. The pain will be feeling of warmth or the actual physical pain, or I’ll be drawn to the area of the animal where the health problem is. Other times, the animal will project an image in my head and/or I will hear them speak.

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SK: What about pets that have passed? Can you talk to them?

Boo: Yes. Speaking to a pet that has passed is no different than speaking to one that has not. You are still communicating with the animal’s spirit. It’s just as easy to speak to an animal spirit when they are in or out of their physical body. Usually there’s an energy difference between an animal that has passed or not — the living animal has a “heavier” energy around the spirit. The energy around the spirit is lighter than when the animal is no longer tethered to a physical body.

It gets tricky when trying to read an animal that is missing because we don’t know if they have passed (because they are happy not to be encumbered by an old body or no longer in pain), or they are happy because they are someplace safe and happy.

SK: Are there things that they wish we knew?

Boo: Absolutely. Our animals are constantly trying to communicate with their people. Oftentimes, they are trying to communicate with us for our own good. We humans are so busy with our lives that we’ve misplaced our natural ability to communicate telepathically. So, our animals often send us a message by a change in a behavior.

If your pet’s behavior has all of a sudden changed, they are probably trying to tell you something. Their behavior is their way of telling you that they need something or that you need to change a bad situation you are in, whether it’s your romantic life or yourself or destructive behavior.

SK: Do they get mad at people?

Boo: They really don’t get mad at you. They are madder about a situation or upset or anxious. A lot of the issues between a person and their animal are created by miscommunication. Very rarely I find an animal that is cruel or mean. They use a behavior to try to get attention to show you something that needs to be changed, or if they feel something is unfair.

SK: Are cats more difficult to read than dogs?

They can be. Cats don’t like to be controlled and are very independent. They can be more temperamental to deal with. Dogs are usually more easygoing and easier to read. A lot of times, dogs are more trusting right off the bat than a cat. Cats tend to be more reserved, preferring to assess the situation first.

SK: Does every animal communicator communicate the same way?

Boo: No. Some animal communicators don’t need the animal present or a photo to communicate. Some prefer to use these means to strengthen the connection. I personally do not like to use anything or even have the animal present. For me, they can be distracting because their energy is strong when they are in front of me. The animal communicates with body language. If they are in front of me, I don’t want to be distracted by the body language. I can stay in neutral mode easier without the distractions. It’s just as effective to communicate with the animal present or with photos; it’s whatever the communicator is comfortable with. A big thing for an animal communicator is to be nonjudgmental. You need to remain neutral. You are like a telephone wire — a conduit passing the information. You use whatever you need to make the signal stronger.

SK: What are the benefits of a pet psychic reading?

Boo: It will help you communicate with your animal and help you understand their actions. A lot of issues between a person and their animal are caused by miscommunication. Animals use a behavior to try to get attention to tell you something. Learning how to understand your pet will help you interpret their behaviors. A psychic reading will help you get answers to problems and find solutions to correct a negative behavior. An animal communicator facilitates better understanding between the parties. It gives you the animal’s perspective on why things are going on behaviorally and physically. A good animal communicator provides a bridge between the species. Misunderstanding breeds ignorance. What you understand, you’ll cherish.

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