I’m a gun-owning mom and you’d better believe I support gun control

I am not a gun-fearing liberal who thinks that we should ban all guns. I come from a family of avid hunters and gun owners. I received my first handgun as a Christmas gift when I was 13.

I respect guns, I enjoy shooting from time to time and if I really thought the government was plotting to snatch up all our guns, I’d be pushing back against that with a vengeance. But I’m also not a gun-owner who eats the fear-laced shit sandwich the NRA keeps putting on my plate, and hearing the news that the Senate has once again refused to pass common sense gun reform and House Democrats have been forced to engage in a sit-in just to get a vote on the issue fills me with frustration.

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I felt a glimmer of hope last week when I heard of the 15-hour filibuster that forced the Senate into voting on the issue — rather than ignoring it once more. The proposals were sensible and didn’t even touch upon the rights of gun owners, instead opting to place a little extra red tape around purchasing firearms.

The proposals sought to expand background checks to include mental health details and alert law enforcement when someone on the terror watch list in the last five years purchases a firearm, closing the gunshow/internet purchasing loophole, which doesn’t require background checks, enforcing a waiting period for those on the terror watch list and banning those on the terror watch list from obtaining firearms respectively.

As you’ve likely heard, all of the proposals failed. Now some 40 Congressmen and women are literally sitting on the floor of the House in order to get their peers to listen

This isn’t an attempt to “take our guns” or infringe upon our civil liberties. For responsible, law-abiding gun owners, the provisions in the Senate bill wouldn’t have changed our lives in the slightest. Since I’m not about to subscribe to any far-right conspiracy theories about “the great gun snatch up,” it’s disheartening for me to see such a bull-headed response to common sense laws.

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Giving a little on gun control when so many innocent people are dying isn’t the first step on some imaginary “slippery slope.” It is doing our part as both gun owners and citizens to fix an obvious problem with our current system of loose gun laws. If you’re more worried about a little red tape than preventing another mass shooting, then you might as well have blood on your hands. Your entitlement shouldn’t infringe upon the safety and security of others.

I for one am more concerned with my preschooler’s right to feel safe at school than the “right” of someone on the terrorist watch list to buy an AR-15. Or anyone for that matter.

I love my children a hell of a lot more than I love my guns, so you’re damn right I’m in favor of an assault weapons ban and more restrictions and red tape to keep my kids even a little bit safer.

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I don’t think it’s unreasonable to restrict our currently unfettered access to firearms to attempt to curb mass shootings. I don’t think owning a gun should make me a mindless, fear-mongering, conspiracy theorist. And I definitely don’t think we need to worry about the government turning an inch of red tape into a mile if we can’t even pass the simplest gun reform.

While some may worry about the government abusing its power to disarm us of our guns, I feel more worried that as a gun owner, it has already disarmed me of my voice.

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