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BB creams and foundations are not the same — are you using the right one?

Your foundation is a pretty big deal — it sets the stage for the rest of your face, after all. So it’s super important that you’re using the right product. When it comes to BB creams or foundations, do you know the difference, or which one you need?

BB cream is a relatively new makeup invention that started in Germany and picked up steam in Asia. The “BB” stands for beauty balm, and its job is to provide a one-step fix for all your skin care and makeup needs including SPF, tinted moisturizer and even skin tone. Even though it’s able to take all this on, it does so while still providing a much lighter coverage, making it a hit for some (and a big miss for others).

So how do you know if BB cream is right for you, or if you should stick with your tried-and-true, go-to foundation? We’ve created this handy quiz to help you find out.

This post was sponsored by Cetaphil.

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