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Yes, There Is a Correct Makeup Application Order, and This Is It

You spend about a million years putting on your primer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer, concealer and, well, we could go on for days with other products — so how come all the time and effort exerted putting on a full face every morning usually results with everything sliding right off? It all comes down to the order in which you’re applying your makeup.

Even when you’re putting on your products correctly, if something is put on out of order it can throw off the whole process. If you’ve ever tried applying eye shadow after putting on eyeliner only to have said eyeliner vanish off the face of the Earth, you probably already know this.

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So to cut through all the confusion, here’s a foolproof, 13-step process to get your face on — and get the most out of all those pricey products too.

Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Prevention

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Originally published July 2016. Updated April 2017.

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