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Love will prevail: How you can support those mourning the Orlando mass shooting

Waking up to news of yet another mass shooting left me feeling heavy and heartbroken. The incredibly tragic event occurred in the early morning hours at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where a gunman opened fire, leaving 49 dead and at least 50 others injured. There are no words; I can only begin to comprehend how the victims’ friends and family members must be feeling right now.

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As someone who has worked in media for several years, I know firsthand how powerful social media can be during times like these. It’s one of the strongest ways to show solidarity from afar or connectedness within your local community. Whether you’re looking for comfort, answers or words from loved ones, there are many different ways you can show your support during this dark time.


Many people are taking to Twitter to show their support and love. You can join in on the conversation by using some of the hashtags below.











#OneBlood [for blood donations]



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Safety Check — Facebook designed this feature to help its community easily broadcast updates to friends and family members. You can notify your loved ones if you are in the area or search for people you know who might have been affected.

Orlando Sentinel — This local news publication in Central Florida is keeping followers informed and updated on the latest developments.

Videos and Facebook Live events — Watch and listen to news channels and other media outlets posting information and commentary about the tragic event.

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Instagram images

People from around the world, as well as major news and media outlets, are visually spreading awareness of this tragedy. It’s one way to show solidarity from afar and illustrate the shooting’s impact.

Orlando Shooting social media 1
Image: SheKnows/Instagram
Orlando Shooting social media 2
Image: mom101/Instagram
Orlando Shooting social media 3
Image: rennyvasquez/Instagram
Orlando Shooting social media 4
Image: bradgoreski/Instagram
Orlando Shooting social media 5
Image: baltpress/Instagram

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